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Nov 23rd, Club #1

    Our annual general meeting will be held this week at Atlantic Host on Tuesday, Nov 24th at 7PM. We urge all members to please attend this important meeting. Clubs direction, financials, and trail issues plus more on the agenda.
Note: Our mail-out package to all our members was mailed out last week. You should be seeing the letter in the mail very soon.

New Mount Carleton Hub

Below is the map of the new Mt Carleton Hub. The only trails that will not be groomed by the park groomers will be the 504 from Governors to Mt Carleton (bridges haven't been constructed) and the controversial trail up the side of Mt Carleton.

Nov 9th, Club #1

     We put a bit of work into Red Pine Shelter. Cleaned up around and in the shelter (brush & garbage), Replaced broken window, hauled the wood for the shelter and just this past weekend the shelter was painted by a community minded person (not a member I might add). We urge everyone that these shelters are maintained by volunteers and please do what you can to keep it clean.
 shelter          graffiti before painting       after painting

Trail Permits
      Trail permits are officially on sale at SNB. For all our out of province members you can go to the “Trail Permits” page and download our form on line 3 and follow the instructions. You can save the service fee by doing this or wait for the hard copy in our mail-out, which will be in the mail in aprox 5 weeks. (note that your permit will then be mailed to you free of charge) Savings can be realized for the early registration deadline of Dec 15 for all sleds 2006 and newer.  For our NS members in the Halifax area, you can pick up your membership permit at Full Throttle Power Sports in Dartmouth.
To: All snowmobile members and potential members of Nepisiguit Sports Lodge
      When filling out the application form please indicate the club that you want to belong to. In our case it would be CLUB #1, Nepisiguit Sports Lodge, Bathurst. It is very important that you pick a club in the area that you most frequently do your snowmobiling, because some of the revenue generated through your trail permit goes directly to that club. In other words
"buy where you ride".

Oct 12th, Club #1, Nine Mile East Shelter, Trail 23

     Great job with the wood for Nine Mile Shelter. Members from the Shady Lane Cluster got together and hauled a good three cord of wood for the shelter. Many thanks!!!!!!

    We also got 85% of the wood in the wood shed at the lodge. Wesley Boucher will deliver the remainder in October.





Sept 12: News Release: What it means for our club

SAINT-QUENTIN (GNB) – A $1.4 million centralized grooming hub will be established at Mount Carleton Provincial Park before the next snowmobiling season.
“This strategic infrastructure will grow our tourism sector and advance the sport of snowmobiling in northern New Brunswick,” Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Bill Fraser said. “It will strengthen and enhance the Northern Odyssey snowmobile experience, reinvigorate the snowmobile trail system, and extend the snowmobiling season in this region by several weeks. The centralized grooming hub will also provide a fueling station for snowmobilers and open up 343 kilometres of new trail areas which were previously unreachable.”
The provincial government will invest $710,000 in the project. The federal government is contributing $723,708 through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s (ACOA) Innovative Communities Fund. The Town of Saint-Quentin is contributing $265,000 and the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is investing $75,000.
“The federal government is committed to strengthening community infrastructure to help develop prosperous communities and improve the quality of life for Canadian families,” said Bernard Valcourt, federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. “That is why we are pleased to support the Town of Saint-Quentin and the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs through this project that will increase the number of visitors during the winter months, generating economic growth for multiple communities in Northern New Brunswick.”
Valcourt spoke on behalf of Rob Moore, minister of state for ACOA.
Construction will take place this summer and will be completed before December.
The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture has a three-year agreement with the municipality for the management and operation of the centralized grooming hub in co-operation with a local management committee.
The federation will continue to oversee the management of the trail system across the province.
Fraser said snowmobiling contributes $25 million annually to the provincial economy.
“It is a core winter sport and plays a substantial role in our winter tourism marketing campaign,” he said. “In Northern New Brunswick, winter is the primary tourism season and snowmobiling is a key drawing card for visitors and tourism operators. We want to capitalize on winter’s white gold to generate revenue and growth and move our province forward.”

      With the Mt Carleton Trails Expansion this will take a huge load in grooming off of our shoulders. From what I can muster so far is that the Park grooming will take over our trail grooming from Governor’s to Serpentine (Trail 23) and Governor’s to Mt Carleton (Trail 504; this was rarely done to begin with since we could only do as far as the Moose Brook / Nepisiguit River). The 504 will have two bridges built; one at the Moose Brook and the other at the Camp Lake crossing, thus connecting the 23 & the 19. There will be a trails expansion beyond what we have now with 504, 23, 58, 19, and the 149. There is no release as to what  extra woods roads that they will be grooming, but there will be more loops in the Mt Carleton area.

Lodge Signs for Sponsors

This is permanantly fixed in our Calander of Events page

Fax Number: 

Email:  and/or

Phone:  1-506-544-5445


To:  Sponsor


      The Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile club is responsible for 450 Km of Groomed trails in the Bathurst region. We run two Lamtrac groomers and run these units for 1500 to 2000 hours in a season. With the trail system we have it is near impossible to run this equipment with the expenses they incur on Trail permits alone.

       We would be proud to count on you as a sponsor of a small bill-board on which we can display your advertisement for your business at our lodge.

       We would require from you a bill-board with exact dimensions 12” X 24” at your cost. We can help you in that regard as we have a local business that can do it for $30.00 or you can get it done yourself. Your email, contact person & mailing address is also required.

       From this point on we will then invoice you for a yearly fee of $100.00 + HST. Below are some examples of the signs that we display at the lodge.


                                   Marc Hannan: Advertising Director   544-5445

                                   Richard Dobson: President Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Ten Year Grooming History for Nepisiguit

Here is a brief history of grooming status over the last 10 years.

Year 14-15
Up to 3 feet of snow, but very wet underneath. Lots of holes and water cuts
      Dec 15: Started prepping the trails and lots of traffic.
      Dec 25: 25 MM of rain , but still going, Need big time freezing.
       still great sledding through the north
      Jan 26 to 30 Rc’d about 60 cm of snow
      February: Trails in phenomenal shape
      March 31: All trails still great with no severe melt downs yet
      April 7: Trails great, no issues. 2 to 3 feet of trail bed

      Best Season on record. Over 2250 hours groomed

Year 13-14   
      Dec 15: Started packing & grooming 
      Dec 21: Lodge opened. Earliest ever. All trails groomed. + snow
      Jan 12: 40 mm rain; 2nd rainfall in a week
      Jan 16: another 40 mm rain
      Jan 17: Some water cuts , but al trails very doable. Lube??
      Jan 20: All trails good to excellent after some trail repair
      Lots of snow from now until end of season
      Stopped grooming Apr 10 after some rain, 
      but trails good to excellent. Some sledding into may
      Over 2000 hours groomed.

Year 12-13       
Dec 28: Started grooming right from Bathurst,
            Conditions From Bathurst to the Lodge were doable.
             Grooming all trails above Lodge.
      Dec 27 8 to 10 inches conditions much improved. As time
             progressed towards Jan 12 snow gradually wore out
             between Bathurst and the Lodge where conditions just
             became doable in that stretch
       Jan 13 /14 Mild spell 4 to 11 deg forced to call Everything
           closed from the City, doable from Lodge out to shelter 
       Jan 22 Reopened the trails after 10 to 15 cm Still scratchy
       Jan 31 All Trails closed in NB due to rain & meltdown
       Feb 3-4 10 cm snow open from lodge west but icy no grooming
       Feb 9 Major storm to the south 15 cm in Bathurst
       Feb 17 & 20 Two majors in a row total close to 95 cm Back
           in Business
       Mar 29 All Trails from the city closed. Still grooming Lodge
               going West
       April 8. Last grooming. Trails fair to poor on what is left

Year 11-12       Dec 22 Started grooming from Rogers Lake Conditions
         were not that great. A bit of mild towards Jan 1. People
          running off trail. Limited grooming Jan 4.
         Jan 8 to 9 Broke Trail from Host to Lodge, Not much snow
         + overhanging alders. Great freezing temps with no water.
          Great conditions with not much snow in PEI/NS
          March 18, 19  temperatures near +28 degrees
          Season is toast
Year 10-11 Preping Trails Dec 26 . Started grooming on the 28th
after Storm on Dec 26 & 27 Extremely mild weather. Lots of
         washouts and wet areas. Conditions much improved by Jan 20.
         Feb 21 over 260 Cm down in Bathurst area with great conditions.
         Mar 14 20 mm rain on 11 & 12 but very manageble. -5 deg
         Mar 31 No trails closed yet with great base depth
         Apr 15 Last day out of the Lodge. Still great up high
         Apr 07 08 09 Last Grooming Days
         Apr 23 Lot s of people still sledding in the golden triangle
         Apr 27 Game over with the rain & mild weather

Year 09-10  Start-up Dec 29 last grooming Mar 28
         Poor year as far as linking trails throughout the Province
         We had a good year except for linking to the City

Year 08-09  Start-up Dec 16 and never looked back.
Year 07-08  Start-up Dec 15 and never looked back.
Year 06-07  Preped Trails on Jan 15 and started Jan 19.
Year 05-06  Dec 25  50 cm storm and started on 26 and 27.
Year 04-05 Start-up Dec 17, Melt down with warm weather
        and 50mm of rain
on Dec 24. Never got any better and
         closed the trails Jan 3 due to ice and
not enough snow cover. 
         Started back up on Jan 10.