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Feb 9th, Tues, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

     -9 in Bathurst at post. At present, it is snowing sideways and by the time it is over we should have another 10+ centimeters to work with if it is still on the trail. Wind is a very gusty so be aware of drifting. Trails are in very good shape. Once this snow is down we’ll have the groomers out. Ken was out for 20 hours on the #1 doing the 23 from Nepisiguit Lodge to Red Pine Shelter, 507, part of the 503, and Trail 22 from Nine Mile Shelter to the new 503/22 intersection. Spoke to the DNR yesterday and wood operations could be over by the end of February on Trail 19 near Simpson Fields due to favorable winter conditions.
Trails done in the last 48 hours: all have two passes
Trail 19 from East Bathurst to Lodge
Trail 19 from The Host to the Lodge
Trail 23 from the Lodge to Red Pine Shelter

Trail 22 From Nine Mile Shelter to the new 503/22

Trail 503 & 507
This week’s Wednesday night supper is Bar-B-Q chicken sponsored by
Hatheway Group Ford-Nissan-Toyota/Maritime Refrigeration/ Elm Tree Resources. Check with Joan for cancellations.

Feb 8th, Mon, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

     -22 in Bathurst this AM. It was a busy weekend in the system and very good traffic at all lodges. This latest little snow did the world of good and we have another little snow again for tomorrow. The #2 with Billy & Mel got the regrooming started yesterday and from Bass River East 19 and from the Host West 19 to Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake was finished this AM. We had intentions of doing a rerun on 22 with the #1, but encountered a bearing problem with a bogey so we shut it down until today with some more help to repair.
     Once we get this new snow tomorrow things look pretty good for the remainder of the week. Not sure on the ticket sales for this Wednesday night supper, but call the lodge at 548-9174. Just a word on trail permits. If anyone is looking for day passes, they are available at the Atlantic Host and Nepisiguit Lodge for Club #1 and Danny’s Inn for Club #4. The lodges along the routes should support the clubs in checking for passes as well (No Pass, No Gas), because there are still people riding with no plates and no permit.

Saturday I lost a pair of Klim gloves and a geniuses GB30 battery booster on trail 541 between la bonne route and alardville gas station. If someone mentions this could you let them know that I have lost these items. Phone 624-3335.

Feb 7th, Sun, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

    -7 at post: Looks like it could be another busy day on the trails again today. Groomers will be out again today (could use about 4 with the traffic yesterday) with Leo & Ken on the #1 and Billy on the #2. Mel just got back to Nepisiguit from Bass River on Trail 19.
      This last 10 centimeters (unexpected) is just what we needed to make a little difference in the trails. The base is solid and flat in most places. Trails out of the Miramichi are great as well as from the Peninsula. All lodges in the area were very busy. We are urging everyone to drive with caution and stay on your own side of the trail due to the large volume of traffic.
Yesterday at the Lodge:

Update: 8.30 AM

Trails done in the last 36 Hours: Some before the snow

Trail 19 From East Bathurst to Nepisiguit Lodge
Trail 19 from The Host to Nepisiguit Lodge
Trail 23 from the Lodge to Serpentine,
Trail 22 currently on it.
Trail 503 & 507


Feb 6th, Sat, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

    -12 in Bathurst. Well we finally got a little miracle for a change. The 1 to 3 cm turned into at least 8 to 10 and more of the same coming Tuesday. This is a great snow, excellent for grooming and will put us back on track. Lube is not an issue going forward and Trails are all relatively flat. This should make for some good running today and through the weekend. Groomers will be out today and the #1 will be back from Serpentine sometime today. We couldn’t make it up there for over a week. Gary: We were on the trails 23 & 22 today, over to Island Lake. We found these trails were in very good shape, lots of lube & good snow. We had a great afternoon. It is snowing at the falls tonight, about 3 inches down now And still snowing quite hard.

      Mark at Governors and Alyre at Serpentine both reported good traffic yesterday. Check out Marks FB page; always has a good report. Very good conditions from the Miramichi to Nepisiguit and yesterdays snow will only improve it. Should also be decent from the Peninsula on 19, 48 and 23.
    Leo’s report from Serpentine at 4 AM:
Just got in to serpentine, trail was from not bad to good. Grooming is good, drag digs as deep as you want. Few sleds at Marks had nothing but good to say. Alyre cooking breakfast, back at Governors by 10:00 am.

Piston alley is quite good but will be slippery in places with this new snow.

Update: 6 PM

Mark at Governors

There a couple inches now and it's snowing pretty hard. Still quite a bit of traffic  and a bunch of sleds here now so hopefully they pack some of that snow to the ice from here to the tower.  Everyone says it was good going even before the snow except for the tower stretch.

There is about an inch at the Nep Lodge. Leo is going to try it again. Goal is to reach Serpentine. Leaving Rogers Lake shortly

Update: 11.45 AM

Just spent a few hours in the groomer with Billy on the #2. Trail from the Host on 19 is very good to excellent. No problem hauling snow into the drag, but there is very little base and the trail is flat. It seems that the snow that fell stayed a lot better nearer Bathurst as opposed up higher. Billy should be back at the Lodge by 3 PM. He also said from East Bathurst is about the same conditions, baring that short run next to the RR tracks. We may get a little snow tonight.

Leo's Update on the #1
He went up the 507 and pretty well the same conditions. A layer of thin crust on ice, which he said is suitable for sleds, but not for grooming. We're shutting her down and heading back to Rogers Lake. He said the trails what he seen so far were flat. Spoke to Billy on the #2 and he is seeing better results towards Bathurst. Snow up in the drag, but he says the base is just there.

Feb 5th, Fri, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1
      -3 at post. The little snow we had on Wednesday had varying effects from Bathurst to Governors. Believe it or not it was warmer yesterday up higher than down near Bathurst. Just got a call from Leo on the #1 and he said it was a sheet of ice between Rogers Lake and Red Pine shelter and the slides on the groomer were heating up even at low speeds. He is going to check up on the 507 to see if it is any better and if it is the same he will turn back to Rogers Lake. There is as a result more of that snow left towards Bathurst. We have the #2 from East heading to the Host and he is in the slow mode as well. With the conditions as we seen out of Rogers Lake and from what we are hearing as of yesterday Piston Alley would be ice from one end to the other. Here is a quote yesterday afternoon from a sledder on FB: Made it to Governors and trails are getting icy ..these plus temps and wind are not helping but still good going.

Update: 8 AM

 You pretty well have to be a wizard to figure out temperature forecasts. Late yesterday they were calling for +6 to +8 by 8 AM this morning and they’re still calling for +10 today HMMMMM. The temp at 8AM is -3 so we’re repositioning the #1 from Nepisiguit to Rogers Lake this morning so we can get a better start on grooming from there up early tomorrow morning. Both groomers wil get an early start.  I don't think we will lose much of last nights snow, so that is a positive.

Feb 4th, Thurs, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1
    -5 at post. What can I say? -20 yesterday with about 7 to 10 cm down last night with a little freezing rain (this is good to hold that snow together) just after and going to +10 today and then dropping overnight to minus. No matter what, we’ll have the groomers out once she drops beginning sometime early Friday.
     There was decent traffic throughout the system yesterday and the snow which started yesterday noon can only help. Not much local traffic, but a lot from throughout the province & Maritimes and a few from Maine. All said considering the hard trails conditions were improving and didn’t mind the inefficiencies of some part of the trails considering other areas of the Maritimes. Good going up around Serpentine and Moose Valley.
    Great supper last night at the Nepisiguit lodge and despite the snowfall a good turnout of 120+. Thanks to North Shore Welding for sponsoring a beautiful Roast Turkey supper and as always Joan’s homemade dessert. Everyone went home stuffed. Next week is ½ Bar-B-Q chicken sponsored by
Hatheway Group Ford-Nissan-Toyota/Maritime Refrigeration/ Elm Tree Resources. Always a sellout so call soon for reservations.

Hard game to win with guessing this weather. Snow this evening turning to freezing rain overnight and temps going to +10 tomorrow. So let me see -17 this morning +10 tomorrow (not a bad swing). We’ll just let this play out and see what happens into Friday.

New Wednesday Night Sponsor Blanchard Ready Mix
Thanks to Blanchard Ready Mix for teaming up with Doucet Landscaping
March 2nd  - Wednesday- 7:00pm –Supper at Lodge- “Hip of Beef”-Doucet Landscaping / Blanchard Ready Mix

Feb 3rd, Wed, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

     -16 in Bathurst with snow amounts up to 10 cm tonight. We’ll see what we get and may give a test run tomorrow, but that could be up in the air with temps over +7. Some movement with sled traffic yesterday, but did have people say things were still good but hard. A bit scratchy in places but perfectly doable. This snow, whatever the amount, will not hurt. It has truly been a rough year in places throughout the province and we should consider ourselves fortunate that we’ve had a good five weeks of sledding so far giving what we had to work with.
    Another great report from Facebook Mark Maclellan Governors short version:
about 40 sleds through today. Douglastown to Holtville was icy, from there to Gov great going with lube. From Nepisiguit no heating issues. TV Tower to Governors icy, but could catch snow on the extreme right. Over TV Tower was great going. Once the afternoon sun hits lube is much better.

     On Nine Mile East road Trail 23 we were sharing a 1.5 Km stretch of road with a woods operation. That operation has ceased and we now have full access to the road. The signs will be taken down in due course and once we have sufficient snow we will commence grooming on that section. Feel free to use that road or trail at your discression.
     Supper tonight at the Nepisiguit Lodge is Roast Turkey with all the fixens sponsored by North Shore Welding. Call the lodge for tickets. 548-8241
Governors yesterday

Update: 5.30PM
People were on the trails today; up from the Miramichi, hard and scratchy  in places, Out of the Host in Bathurst hard but good, waiting for two sleds to come back from Governors. 5 to 10 cm tomorrow night.

Feb 2nd, Tues, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1
   -9 in Bathurst. Now the freeze starts. Won’t be ideal for lube. Looking at yesterday’s meltdown we may have dodged another bullet. Spoke to John from Fredericton and they dropped into the trail system in Boiestown early yesterday, rode the 42 then 52 to our lodge: trails were surprisingly good, a little scratchy here and there, then onto the Host where he said the trail was very good considering the soft weather. He did mention the 200 meter stretch in our new trail, but said it was no problem. Jokingly said they may spend today in the pool. Thanks John for your report!!! Check out Mark’s FB page at Governors (great report) Here is a little " Got just a bit of rain here at Popple but was the wind that was causing some melting. From the tower down towards Nepisiquit is all snow and some riders in from Maine today came from Serpentine and said all snow that way as well and was really good going."  Our hope is to see what Wednesday brings as far as snow, but holy shictz, did you see the temps for Thursday. Just a wait and see thing now. I'm not trying to paint a false picture here, but all trails are doable to good at this point. With some snow they can be upgraded to fair to V Good.
    Changed oil in the #1 and spent most of the day on modifying one of our drags to put more cutting capability for times like these (anybody like to donate some cutting blades). We have three drags + a trail buster. This week’s Wednesday night supper at the Nepisiguit Lodge is Roast Turkey with all the fixens sponsored by North Shore Welding. Call the lodge for tickets. 548-8241

Feb 1st, Mon, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

    +1 here in Bathurst. Well we got through January by the “skin of our teeth” and this is not a good start for February. Temps are going to plus 7 today with the possibility of some rain (1mm) and some sun this afternoon and wind from the south. All the ingredients for a meltdown from what we have as a base. It looks like the whole province is getting this to some degree.

     There are many areas in jeopardy in our system with the above conditions and we are going to rely on the temps dropping -11 tonight and -17 tomorrow plus Wednesday’s coming snow to get things back to normal. The boys were mentioning yesterday that there was some brown peaking up through yesterday, so today we could see a little more. A lot of the trails will be on the icy side. There will be no grooming until at least late Wednesday if not Thursday.
     It is very important that we get some feedback from you sledders and also lodges along our system on conditions. Just a word on what we observed about traffic we seen this weekend. Everyone was driving well within the safety limits and to that I say congratulations. Hopefully the message of slowing down and showing respect for the trails and other riders is starting to sink in. Drive safe!!!
     Just a few tidbits on the clubs activities to date: Last year grooming hours to Feb 1st was 1006 hours, this year 763 hours (note: basically the same from the Nepisiguit Lodge to Serpentine 538 this year and 530 last year)
Website hits for January 2.4 million or 77,000 per day

Update: 11 AM
Both groomers should be pulling into Nepisiguit Lodge within the hour. #1 after a 20 hour run and the #2 will be returning to East Bathurst.  Now we'll see what the next 48 hour weather  will bring us.

Update: 7.30 AM

Just spoke with Leo on the #1. He basically said the trails were in decent shape considering the traffic, but of course the turns are a bit chewed up (understandable). He is on his way from Red Pine Shelter Trail 23 to Rogers Lake then will finish off at Nepisiguit. Mel on the #2 is currently fueling at the Host and will leave shortly for Nepisiguit. He will finish up in East Bathurst sometime today.

Jan 31st, Sun, 6 AM Snowmobile Trail Report, Club #1

    -4 at post. Extreme traffic yesterday on the trails. Leo & Ken left Nepisiguit Lodge yesterday with the #1 around 4 PM up the Trail 22 over TV Tower turned at Piston Alley and are currently on Trail 22 coming back. Mel left East Bathurst after the traffic died down around 1AM and is currently heading to the Host on Trail 19. Both groomers are going to get caught in the + temperatures by the time their shifts are over. We would need two more groomers to keep up with the traffic yesterday.

Will update later on their progress. Trail 23 to Serpentine will be moguled (It was done Thursday).
     It should be another busy day on the trails. This weather is the same as you would have in late March & April. The sun is getting higher and with these temps the trails will suffer as well (going to +4 today and +6 on Monday with some wet thrown in) it is what it is. Just a note Leo sent me: they passed at least 140 sleds and all were driving very reasonable. Maybe the message is sinking in.

Chris Fisher

It is with deep sadness that Bathurst lost one of its most caring people. Condolences go out to his wife Kezia and their children his Dad Bob, his Mom Yvonne and Brother John. There has never been a more kind and caring person than Chris and for all the hardships this person endured through his life, we would have to be a special person such as Chris was. He lived and loved life to the fullest under his special circumstances. He brought a special light into the room with his presence and now we can all look up and see it shinning down on us. He was a long time member of our snowmobile club.

Ten Year Grooming History for Nepisiguit

Here is a brief history of grooming status over the last 10 years.

Year 14-15
Up to 3 feet of snow, but very wet underneath. Lots of holes and water cuts
      Dec 15: Started prepping the trails and lots of traffic.
      Dec 25: 25 MM of rain , but still going, Need big time freezing.
       still great sledding through the north
      Jan 26 to 30 Rc’d about 60 cm of snow
      February: Trails in phenomenal shape
      March 31: All trails still great with no severe melt downs yet
      April 7: Trails great, no issues. 2 to 3 feet of trail bed

      Best Season on record. Over 2250 hours groomed

Year 13-14   
      Dec 15: Started packing & grooming 
      Dec 21: Lodge opened. Earliest ever. All trails groomed. + snow
      Jan 12: 40 mm rain; 2nd rainfall in a week
      Jan 16: another 40 mm rain
      Jan 17: Some water cuts , but al trails very doable. Lube??
      Jan 20: All trails good to excellent after some trail repair
      Lots of snow from now until end of season
      Stopped grooming Apr 10 after some rain, 
      but trails good to excellent. Some sledding into may
      Over 2000 hours groomed.

Year 12-13       
Dec 28: Started grooming right from Bathurst,
            Conditions From Bathurst to the Lodge were doable.
             Grooming all trails above Lodge.
      Dec 27 8 to 10 inches conditions much improved. As time
             progressed towards Jan 12 snow gradually wore out
             between Bathurst and the Lodge where conditions just
             became doable in that stretch
       Jan 13 /14 Mild spell 4 to 11 deg forced to call Everything
           closed from the City, doable from Lodge out to shelter 
       Jan 22 Reopened the trails after 10 to 15 cm Still scratchy
       Jan 31 All Trails closed in NB due to rain & meltdown
       Feb 3-4 10 cm snow open from lodge west but icy no grooming
       Feb 9 Major storm to the south 15 cm in Bathurst
       Feb 17 & 20 Two majors in a row total close to 95 cm Back
           in Business
       Mar 29 All Trails from the city closed. Still grooming Lodge
               going West
       April 8. Last grooming. Trails fair to poor on what is left

Year 11-12       Dec 22 Started grooming from Rogers Lake Conditions
         were not that great. A bit of mild towards Jan 1. People
          running off trail. Limited grooming Jan 4.
         Jan 8 to 9 Broke Trail from Host to Lodge, Not much snow
         + overhanging alders. Great freezing temps with no water.
          Great conditions with not much snow in PEI/NS
          March 18, 19  temperatures near +28 degrees
          Season is toast
Year 10-11 Preping Trails Dec 26 . Started grooming on the 28th
after Storm on Dec 26 & 27 Extremely mild weather. Lots of
         washouts and wet areas. Conditions much improved by Jan 20.
         Feb 21 over 260 Cm down in Bathurst area with great conditions.
         Mar 14 20 mm rain on 11 & 12 but very manageble. -5 deg
         Mar 31 No trails closed yet with great base depth
         Apr 15 Last day out of the Lodge. Still great up high
         Apr 07 08 09 Last Grooming Days
         Apr 23 Lot s of people still sledding in the golden triangle
         Apr 27 Game over with the rain & mild weather

Year 09-10  Start-up Dec 29 last grooming Mar 28
         Poor year as far as linking trails throughout the Province
         We had a good year except for linking to the City

Year 08-09  Start-up Dec 16 and never looked back.
Year 07-08  Start-up Dec 15 and never looked back.
Year 06-07  Preped Trails on Jan 15 and started Jan 19.
Year 05-06  Dec 25  50 cm storm and started on 26 and 27.
Year 04-05 Start-up Dec 17, Melt down with warm weather
        and 50mm of rain
on Dec 24. Never got any better and
         closed the trails Jan 3 due to ice and
not enough snow cover. 
         Started back up on Jan 10.