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Update: 12.30 PM
Both groomers are on the trail. #1 (with both rookies) just left Rogers Lake for Governors and fuel. Hope to make it over TV Tower 503 then back to Rogers Lake in time to leave for Serpentine. The #2 is presently above the lodge patching a hole and will head back to Bathurst. BREAKING NEWS: The boys broke trough on that new trail. Now comes the task of delimbing and grooming. Not done yet but things are looking up.

Dec 22, 6AM, Monday, Club #1
The #1 was out last night grooming the Trail 23 nine mile east road (first time), then past the 9 mile shelter up the 22 (first time) 507 down to red pine and back(rookie operators). The #2 just left after a mechanical delay (broken spindle on an idler). It is running from Bathurst to the beginning of 9 mile east road then back to Bathurst. We are dropping a few pallets in one major hole on the upper side of the Lodge. Today we’re exploring an option route to East Bathurst on Trail 19. We are making plans to run to Serpentine in the next 36 hours. We went part way with a lone rookie operator and there are reports of a lot of branches bent over. PLEASE JUST BEAR WITH US.

Dec 21, 6AM, Sunday, Club #1
-8 this morning in Bathurst. Plenty of traffic through our system with sleds from through the Maritimes and trailers parked everywhere. Trails are starting to get harder with the sled traffic helping with the compaction of the snow, so now we can start cutting a little more. We still have issues down low in our system. Trail 19: Host to the lodge (groomed last night & finished this morning), we have some small issues and we’re getting on top of those. Trail 19 East Bathurst to the 19/23 intersection: A major problem just beyond Red Brook shelter. We are perplexed as to what to do about this. We groomed down to the vicinity of the problem area on an alternate route and ran into same problem in approximately the same area. We need major freezing to occur in this area and the forecast for that is not good. Trail 23 from the lodge out to Nine Mile East a few wet spots but very passable (groomed last evening). Trail 23 from Nine Mile Shelter we have a woods operation half Km in Nine Mile and it will be shared and it is signed via nbfsc regulations. Trail 23 from Nine Mile Shelter to 20 Km beyond governors groomed yesterday and last night. Trail 503 tv tower groomed two days ago (3 to 4 ft of snow) 507 & 22 out to the 301 groomed one day ago. Head pond near the lodge, not passable. River near the Host, not passable. Stay away from all rivers and lakes. Make sure you are all permited, registered and insured. We have trail permits at Atlantic Host as well at our Nepisiguit Lodge.

Update: 6.30 PM
Both groomers have been on the move all day and the #1 has been working non-stop for 72 hours. Presently the #2 is on its way out to Nine Mile where it will turn and come back to Bathurst sometime tonight. The #1 got back from Meridian Brook (towards Serpentine) trail 23 and was relieved at Rogers Lake and will be doing the California Lake loop (23, 22, 507)as well as Nine Mile East road tonight. We have reclaimed the truck haul roads and are now grooming them. One exception: Nine Mile East (trail 23) will be shared with woods operation for about ½ Km from highway 430. We have it signed. Drive very cautiously.----------------- just a word on the web site traffic. we had over 160,000 hits yesterday, and for the last week, we're averaging over 120,000. The Host is packed with trailers as well as our lodge and rogers lake.

Dec 20, 10AM, Saturday, Club #1
Here it is. The #1 is working 24/7 from Rogers Lake and surrounding trails (23, 22, 507, 508, 509, 503. The # 2 had a joystick problem and we got it fixed and on its way to East Bathurst at post. Just spoke with #2 and Mel said he will be at the new trail above the shelter in about 3 hours. He asked if anyone from the East area could be just above the shelter to give a hand busting through about 200 feet of wooded area, just as a precaution. In a nutshell we are doing our very best with some sleep deprevation. Met many machines from everywhere. And yes they are driving from the Host to the (upper trails via the lodge), which is open for food and gas. All the sleds we spoke to so far think it’s great and don’t mind the little obstructions due to some water problems. Other than the water problems, the trails are decent. JUST DRIVE WITH CAUTION AND USE YOUR HEAD. WE DON’T WANT ANY SERIOUS INCIDENDENTS THAT WE HAD EARLY LAST YEAR. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

Lodge is open. Gas and Food

Dec 19, 8.30AM, Friday, Club #1
I’ll start with the good news. This was the best snow so far this year with over 35 to 40 cm of great packing snow. We now have anywhere between two to three feet of snow to work with. The trails are turning out great. We have the #1 still on the trail from the Host and it is just coming back on TV Tower at post and will go to Governor’s then back to Rogers Lake. We will have the #2 back out again today to try and establish a link via another road from the lodge to East Bathurst. Except for that beaver pond that is now impassable this trail 19 is good and now that we have the groomer, that looks after that trail, basically marooned on the west side of that problem is the reason to find an optional route. The other good news, is it looks like the wood haul is over judging by what I seen last night and according what Doodles heard from Fornebu. We have to confirm this. ----------- The bad news is that there is no freezing beneath that great snow. The groomer can be driving then all of a sudden everything gives way and sunk two to three feet in water or mud. There is water in areas where we’ve never had water. It then becomes a problem for repair. We had the two groomers on the trail trying our best to make things right and safe for the sledders. There is only so much we can do and we expect everyone to drive with caution anywhere. Between the Host and Nine Mile East is excellent to doable for hard core sledders. Once we find out from Fornebu, we may have to share about 1Km of trail on Nine Mile East. We need appropriate signage and groomers to make that corridor safe. We have two new operators that are undergoing training on the job and until we get them trained it is very difficult to get going 24-7. I’m trying to help but not sure how this old body will last.--------Final message. Be patient, it is only 4 days in to a 120 day season. I’m looking for someone to accompany me in the #1 tonight.

Dec 18, Thursday, Club #1
Well, I’m not sure where to start. Just wish there was a magic wand and poof; trails are all groomed. Some think it is that easy. It was just one week ago that we got 60mm of rain, but on the positive, we got an extra 35 cm of snow. Trails have plenty of snow for grooming, but it is the dam water. We can’t open trails with water cuts, mud holes 50 feet long, and now a busted beaver pond. This is minor with what we went through yesterday. If it wasn’t for Melvin we would have a groomer in a beaver pond. He got it out (water into the cab), MCIVORED a move on a busted hydraulic line. To make things more complicated, beyond the beaver pond was a washed out bridge, leaving him trapped between it and the beaver pond. After a 6 hour delay and the other groomer sidetracked to aid him, we managed to fill in a 10 foot span that was about 15 deep to get him across. It took the #1 groomer 15 hours to get from the Host to Nine Mile East, filling holes, cutting branches. We are also in a training period with two new operators, so basically running double man shifts. If all goes well today we hope to have one groomer up in the high country. Trail 19 from East Bathurst to the lodge is impassable due to that beaver pond. From Bathurst to the lodge has some water problems. These trails are very good except for the above problems. Check previous posts on the wood haul locations. Forget coming from the Miramichi. Same problems.

Dec 17, Wednesday, Club #1
The wood haul is on and they are doing their best. Here is the route and these roads are plowed. It is ONE WAY TRAFFIC for them. They go in empty via Rogers Lake up 23 to Red Pine Knoll shelter, turn up on the 507 to the 22/507 intersection, turn on the 22 down to the 40 Cluster Trail 508 where they load up, then continue down the 22 towards Nine Mile Shelter and out the Nine Mile East road (trail 23) to highway 430. PLEASE don’t interfere with these trucks as they are running at high speeds.[you can check out this route on the maps page on this site]- Both groomers are in the Bathurst area and have been working sections of the 19. These sections are still considered CLOSED until we establish a base and make a better assessment of the trails going forward.

Dec 16, Tuesday, Club #1
With the recent storm it created a delay in the hauling of wood, so these are the roads/trails affected;---- Trail 23 Nine Mile East road + Trail 23 / Popple Road Rogers Lake up past the Red Pine Shelter by 2 Km; ---- Trail 22 from the Nine Mile Shelter on Trail 22 to the 22/507 intersection down to the Red Pine Knoll Shelter. -----TRAILS AFFECTED BY WATER; Trail 19 from the Host to the line, about 5 areas, but not serious. ---Trail 19 from the shelter (T-Guys) water next to the bridge. We could explore these areas by Thursday hoping that more water drains off.----------------------- There is good snow above Red Pine Shelter to Governors to Serpentine on Trail 23 and also over TV tower. Also an added note from Serpentine and Alyre. “good snow from Holtville to Serpentine, lack of lube in areas’’.

Dec 15, Monday, Club #1
THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO PERMIT YOUR SLED ON THE REDUCED FEE. 0 in Bathurst this morning. We haven’t had any rain for a few days and that part looks good going forward, but the temperatures are not very favorable with freezing in the single digits. There is still a tremendous amount of water under a decent covering of snow. There are water concerns between Bathurst/East on Trail 19 plus 23 just past the Nepisiguit Lodge. See yesterdays report on plowing. There is no consistency in linking trails with the fact that there are plowed roads and a lot of freezing and draining to occur in others. We are not going to helicopter groomers into the trail system to do random grooming.

Dec 14, Sunday, Club #1
0 in Bathurst this morning. As we mentioned earlier in the month, the truck haul depends on weather. With the recent storm it created a delay in the hauling of wood, so these are the roads/trails affected; Trail 23 Nine Mile East road, and from the Nine Mile Shelter on Trail 22 to the 22/508 intersection or 40 Cluster. When they are done hauling (which will be soon) we will make an assessment on grooming. It is probably a good thing as there is no consistency in linking trails plus the fact that there is a lot of freezing and draining to occur. May have an update later. --------------------- Monday is the last day for early registration.

Dec 13, Saturday, Club #1
Plus 1 in Bathurst this morning. On our way to Fredericton yesterday, we observed a lot of water in and around various trails on the highway. I know that there will be similar problems on our trails as well. Areas of concern are, 19 from the Host out towards The Line, 19 from Gloucester Jct to Trail 23, Trail 23 just beyond the Lodge to Nine Mile East. It looks like favorable weather for the next 5 days and we’re hoping that most of this water will drain off. We are still waiting for someone to report on roads that may be plowed up after this last dump, we could surely use the info. Areas of concern are; Trail 23 and Trail 22 in the areas of NINE MILE EAST, NINE MILE NORTH, RIO ROAD, 44 ROAD, RIVER ROAD TO POPPLE DEPOT.

Dec 12, Friday, Club #1
The weather came back to some normalcy starting yesterday afternoon, but we see another 5 to 10mm of rain in the next 36 hours. Now comes the waiting for the water to draw down in the low spots. With the snow we received last week and a bit of remnants from previous storms, we have just over a foot of snow at minimum. This snow cover has a deep body given all the moisture that we got and will go a long way in establishing a base. If anyone has any info of what roads are plowed up after this last dump, we could surely use the info. Areas of concern are; Trail 23 and Trail 22 in the areas of NINE MILE EAST, NINE MILE NORTH, RIO ROAD, 44 ROAD, RIVER ROAD TO POPPLE DEPOT. If anyone ventures out, you are entirely on your own as the trails are still closed until we say they are good to go. Any info however, would be appreciated.

Update 7.30 AM
Good news; Rain fall has been downgraded to 10 to 15 mm in Bathurst. It also looks like the same for NB. --------------There must be a lot of people watching what is happening with us here at Nepisiguit, because there was over 53,000 hits on the site yesterday.

Dec 11, 6 AM, Thursday, Club #1
First the precipitation for Bathurst; EC reports 88 mm of precipitation yesterday. We had about 35 cm of heavy snow and it got heavier towards the end of the day with freezing rain starting at around 6 PM until 8 PM and it has been raining since then. Looking at the four day forecast, it is not pretty starting with today. Bathurst may escape the torrential rains forecasted for NB with 30 or so mm for the area, but for some parts of the province there could be up to 100 mm. Good luck to everyone and stay safe.------------------- Second the trails; If it would stop now we would be in pretty good shape for start-up. With the upcoming forecast of rain and temps above freezing, does not sit well with us getting out there too soon. We’ll just play it by ear until we get past this period.

Update 7 .30 PM
0 degrees in Bathurst. According to the news we have +34 cm and the snow turned to ice pellets around 6.30 PM. Should be an interesting night in Bathurst.

Update 5.30 PM
A foot of wet snow down and still snowing. There could be problems ahead for us. The snow was so heavy and sticky that it is weighing on the branches. I’m not sure how this will play out, but I’ve seen this scenario before and it isn’t pretty. Depending what the temperature is through the night, the problem may rectify itself with the rain and wind.

Update 3 PM
Still Zero degrees. There is aprox 25 cm on the ground at post. Still snowing with good heavy snow and packable. Hard to snow blow right now. No rain yet, but it’s coming. 24,000 hits by noon today.

Update 11 AM
There is aprox 12 cm on the ground at post. Real good heavy snow and packable. No rain yet, but you can feel it coming.

Dec 10, 6 AM, Wednesday, Club #1
Zero deg and snowing heavy with a strong cross wind at post. It looks like it may stay like this, hopefully until tonight where it looks like it may eventually turn to rain. There is just a few cm down so far and depending where you look for the forecast, it can vary up to 30 cm and more. The only thing we can look for now is to see how the storm plays out. Below is from EC Today: Snow at times heavy becoming mixed with ice pellets this afternoon. Snow and ice pellet amount 15 to 25 cm. Local blowing snow late this morning and this afternoon. Wind northeast 20 km/h gusting to 40 increasing to 40 gusting to 70 this morning. Temperature steady near zero. Tonight: Snow or ice pellets mixed with freezing rain changing to rain before morning. Snow and ice pellet amount 15 cm. Wind northeast 40 km/h gusting to 70. Temperature rising to plus 1 by morning. Thursday; Rain ending late in the morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. Amount 10 to 15 mm. Wind east 20 km/h becoming light in the morning. High plus 4.

Dec 9th, Tuesday, Club #1

   -16 in Bathurst this morning. Great for freezing the trail bed.
     WELL, if you can figure out this forecast over the next couple of days, let me know. One minute is snow, the next minute is rain, the minute after is freezing rain. One thing for sure there will be plenty of precipitation and the other is temps

hovering just above zero. Here is the question: what will happen with our present base and trails. Too much rain will definitely hurt the start up process. Too much wet snow will be a killer in areas where trees tend to come down over the trail. Too much snow will be just what the doctor ordered.
Here is their warning statement for Bathurst & Chaleur region: "A developing low pressure system will approach the area today. Snow at times heavy will develop tonight and continue through the day on Wednesday giving 35 to 50 centimeters. Strong northeasterly winds will develop on Wednesday giving local blowing snow."

Update: Monday
“Holy thunder showers Batman, what happened to the forecast this week”. It went from 20 to 25 cm of snow to 50mm of rain. Let’s hope it isn’t right.

Dec 8th, Monday, Club #1

     7 days left for the reduced trail Permit!!!

Dec 15th is the cut off date for the reduced Trail Permit fee plus it is the date that the trails are officially open. When filling out the application form please indicate the club that you want to belong to. In our case it would be CLUB #1, Nepisiguit Sports Lodge, Bathurst. It is very important that you pick a club in the area that you most frequently do your snowmobiling, because some of the revenue generated through your trail permit goes directly to that club.
Check out our “Trail Permit” page for all details
     -22 in Bathurst this morning. It was a good weekend for freezing, but there are still soft spots in places. The predicted snow from the Nor Easter has tapered off somewhat for mid week as the snowfall has been downplayed to low teens. It may be enough for some trail-prep on the 15th. There is still many roads that will remained plowed this week.

Dec 6th Trail 19 two Km from highway 360

Every year this is a problem area with water cutting across the trail. We always used a mix mash of wood/pallets/snow. We built 3 pallets out of 4 X 4 X 8 foot stringers topped them with 2 X 4s'. We put them in today. Worked out very well.
          The Problem                                           3 each   4x8 ft pallets
       Pallets in place                                         Finished Product
Notice the decent snow cover. Breaking about 10 inches of snow on the way in.

Dec 6th, Saturday, Club #1
     -12 in Bathurst this morning and a little more snow to help us out with the start-up. Checking over the next week’s forecast, all temps are sub zero, which is what we need. Oh yes, for those that need a trickle solar panel, they are on sale this week at Can Tire for $20 and we did get a couple for the Red Pine Shelter and yes they aren’t installed yet. It is another unwelcome purchase for a volunteer organization.
      Just checking the activity on the web this AM. December is quite hot with just over 50,000 hits per day.

Dec 5th, Friday, Club #1

     Here is an important update on the Trail 19, 7 Km stretch of rail bed in East Bathurst/Gloucester Junction:
 Due to the complexity of the new definition and the legal importance of the East-Bathurst Rough Waters trail rail bed, it was agreed by both Chaleur ATV Club’s and Nepisiguit Club’s boards of directors that the status quo will be maintained. That trail will remain single snowmobile use from December 15 2014 to April 15 2015 to be reviewed after.

En raison des complexités de la nouvelle définition d’usage et de l’importance légale nécessaire pour le sentier du lit ferroviaire de Bathurst-Est Rough Waters, il a été entendu par les bureaux de direction des Club VTT Chaleur et Club de motoneige Népisiguit que le statu quo est gardé. Ce sentier va demeurer exclusif pour les motoneigistes du 15 décembre 2014 au 15 avril 2015 et pourra être révisé par la suite.

Red Pine Shelter
The wood is all done at Red Pine shelter, Thanks to many parties. Shelter is cleaned up and checked the stove pipes Good for the season. Would anyone know if there was a solar panel there that wasn't taken down this past spring. If not, someone made love to it. Go figure!!!!
Red Pine Shelter ready for the New Season.

Nov 19th, Wednesday, Club #1

Nepisiguit Work to be looked at before next season: All work in RED is done. Well over 2000 manhours so far

Trail 19

1.  Bridge near St Anne St. Need 2 pallets to plug up holes.

2.  Bridge 19 about 17 Km from the Host needs relocation
     & rebuild
2A: Revamp signage Blue Mt Trail 19 
3.  The Line Rail Bed:

                 Brush cutting alders plus some Tree cutting   

                 Culverts need to be cleaned out
                 Pallets to be picked up

                 Knights Brook: Needs to be widened.
                  (possibly just two long logs on either side)
4.   Bush hoged trail from Chamberlain Sett Rd to St Mary's
5.   Inspection of trail fro Key Anacon toward Red Brook
      Shelter. Partially done
6.   Trail 19 from Bass River Bridge to Jays place:

      This trail has been widened from the Highway
      12 Km towards Bass River.
      On occasion in years past, the Nepisiguit club would
      groom down as far as the highway 11, but it has
      got to the point where these tree branches
      were causing damage to the groomers. This section
      is in the Caraquet domain, but is not written in
      stone that we would not occasionally do this grooming.

Trail 23 West of the Lodge
7.   Lodge to Nine Mile: Beaver problem + inspection
      and brush cutting

8.   Nine Mile West to Rogers Lake Lodge: Trail inspection
      and Trimming

9.  Brushing required: TV Tower from Trail 23 road to top
     of hill
10.  Meridian Brook.  Check culvert (gave us problems last
      year) and brushing

11. Red Pine Shelter:  New Signage Post
12. Fuel Tanks at Governors need to be inspected.

      9 mile: Wood,--- Replaces Stove Pipe
      Red Brook: Wood,-Replace Selkirk Chimney, -Repair
      Red Pine: Wood not done Yet,---Stove inspection--
      Done by local camp owners

14. Lodge:Wood for lodge needs to be cut and split,
      piled into wood shed
   Done Sept 20
Trail 52: Taylor Bk Rd to Head Pond,
1.  Scarifying of trail done past summer. Can’t pass a
Letter sent in t
o Fornebu/DNR. This was done 
      Nov19th. Thanks to Fornebu Lumber for there
     great cooperation.

Grooming Equipment

1.   Both Groomers have been inspected and serviced
      with just
 minor details to be performed.
           #1 groomer was sent to Tracadie to install cruise
  #2 already has one.
2.   Both #2 and #3  drags have been inspected painted
      and are r
eady for the trail
3.   Major upgrade required on #1 drag. Needs to be painted.
4.   Special thanks to Byron Boucher of Boucher Machining

      and Bernie Kenny of Kenny's trucking for their assistance

      in the servicing of our equipment.

Rail Bed East Bathurst: St Marys Ave to Gloucester Jct

      This is a letter from the Chaleur ATV Club. They have acquired the right from the CNR for the use of the rail bed from St Mary’s Ave to Gloucester Junction (to where road intersects the CN Rail). This is approximately 7 Km long. With the proposal below we will have to make this work. With this venture it shows a positive step between the two groups plus we have much to gain, especially in the wet sections between Red Brook and the Key Anacon road. From the perspective of their members along this stretch, they have no way of connecting to their existing trails near St Mary’s. In the past they had to cheat their way on this section to get to their trails. There are many areas in the province where side by side trails exist to accommodate one group or the other. Due to the lateness of this project to get done, they have elected to postpone this venture until next year. Nepisiguit did have a meeting with them and they were very forthcoming in trying to accommodate the snowmobile industry. Please read the contents of the letter below very carefully.


Club VTT/ATV Chaleur Inc

C.P. 7011

Beresford, NB

E8K 3X6


November 11, 2014

To Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile Club


Caraquet Spur use


As agreed with CN Rail the Club VTT/ATV Chaleur Club Inc has been granted ownership of the 7 km long by 66 feet wide corridor from St Mary’s Ave to Gloucester Junction as far as the main rail line, we will leave access to the snowmobile industry along this corridor. The farmers as well will also have the priority right of way. Every farm crossing will have stop signs on our trail. We are there to work with people, not against. Nobody will lose his right of access as it is now.


Club VTT/ATV Chaleur Club therefore propose this:  Next year, we will be cutting branches and trees to widen the trail ready for next winter’s use. We will then be able to have two separate trails divided by two posts with signs indicating whose trail to use. We will install signs with arrows to direct ATVs to their part of the trail, which will be the south side. We will share that corridor from St-Mary’s Avenue as far as Gloucester Junction. This is a 7 km stretch. As we move into winter, each group will have the opportunity to widen it even more as conditions permit. We are negotiating with St-Isidore Asphalt to sponsor a full 30 foot wide trail as of next summer. We will make sure not to plug the ditches and culverts. The only infrastructures shared will be the bridges and they also can be widened for a safer use for both groups.


Also, as City of Bathurst’s new by law, we will share the access to the commercial part of Miramichi Ave to allow both groups to travel to gas stations, restaurants and motorised sports dealer. That section of trail will be a slow speed trail (30km) to avoid loud noise or risk of accident as the 1.2km trail will be shared by all motorised and non-motorised users up to NB Trail. 


Regarding the trail from Gloucester Junction to the Key Anacon road (highway 360, we will apply to use it from the Gloucester Junction to Arleau Brook on a non grooming purpose during the period of April 15 to Dec 15. This section will be upgraded without your club spending tremendous amount of money and it will extend your season as all water basins will be eliminated to make a dry trail. The only thing we ask for is a contribution for $10,000.00 for the help in the upgrade of this section, which will include bridges and the elimination of water problems. We could do joint activities as summer suppers at your lodge or any out of winter season gathering or funding. The first phase cost is $100,000.00.



I hope this explains clearly our vision of this project and we understand if some of your members question it. In the end, we will all have grown to make the Chaleur area THE place to visit, 12 months a year. Our sponsors and yours will be appreciative of it.


Thankfully yours,


Jacques Ouellette

Club VTT Chaleur  spokes-person

Lodge Signs for Sponsors

This is permanantly fixed in our Calander of Events page

Fax Number: 

Email: ,  and/or

Phone:  1-506-545-6565


To:  Sponsor


      The Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile club is responsible for 450 Km of Groomed trails in the Bathurst region. We run two Lamtrac groomers and run these units for 1500 to 2000 hours in a season. With the trail system we have it is near impossible to run this equipment with the expenses they incur on Trail permits alone.

       We would be proud to count on you as a sponsor of a small bill-board on which we can display your advertisement for your business at our lodge.

       We would require from you a bill-board with exact dimensions 12” X 24” at your cost. We can help you in that regard as we have a local business that can do it for $30.00 or you can get it done yourself. Your email, contact person & mailing address is also required.

       From this point on we will then invoice you for a yearly fee of $100.00 + HST. Below are some examples of the signs that we display at the lodge.


                                   Don Basque: Advertising Director  545-6565
                                   Marc Hannan: Co- Advertising Director   544-5445

                                   Richard Dobson: President Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Ten Year Grooming History for Nepisiguit

Here is a brief history of grooming status over the last 10 years.

Year 13-14   
      Dec 15: Started packing & grooming 
      Dec 21: Lodge opened. Earliest ever. All trails groomed. + snow
      Jan 12: 40 mm rain; 2nd rainfall in a week
      Jan 17: Some water cuts , but al trails very doable. Lube??
      Jan 20: All trails good to excellent after some trail repair
      Lots of snow from now until end of season
      Stopped grooming Apr 10 after some rain, 
      but trails good to excellent. Some sledding into may
      Best season on record. Over 2000 hours groomed.

Year 12-13       
Dec 28: Started grooming right from Bathurst,
            Conditions From Bathurst to the Lodge were doable.
             Grooming all trails above Lodge.
      Dec 27 8 to 10 inches conditions much improved. As time
             progressed towards Jan 12 snow gradually wore out
             between Bathurst and the Lodge where conditions just
             became doable in that stretch
       Jan 13 /14 Mild spell 4 to 11 deg forced to call Everything
           closed from the City, doable from Lodge out to shelter 
       Jan 22 Reopened the trails after 10 to 15 cm Still scratchy
       Jan 31 All Trails closed in NB due to rain & meltdown
       Feb 3-4 10 cm snow open from lodge west but icy no grooming
       Feb 9 Major storm to the south 15 cm in Bathurst
       Feb 17 & 20 Two majors in a row total close to 95 cm Back
           in Business
       Mar 29 All Trails from the city closed. Still grooming Lodge
               going West
       April 8. Last grooming. Trails fair to poor on what is left

Year 11-12       Dec 22 Started grooming from Rogers Lake Conditions
         were not that great. A bit of mild towards Jan 1. People
          running off trail. Limited grooming Jan 4.
         Jan 8 to 9 Broke Trail from Host to Lodge, Not much snow
         + overhanging alders. Great freezing temps with no water.
          Great conditions with not much snow in PEI/NS
          March 18, 19  temperatures near +28 degrees
          Season is toast
Year 10-11 Preping Trails Dec 26 . Started grooming on the 28th
after Storm on Dec 26 & 27 Extremely mild weather. Lots of
         washouts and wet areas. Conditions much improved by Jan 20.
         Feb 21 over 260 Cm down in Bathurst area with great conditions.
         Mar 14 20 mm rain on 11 & 12 but very manageble. -5 deg
         Mar 31 No trails closed yet with great base depth
         Apr 15 Last day out of the Lodge. Still great up high
         Apr 07 08 09 Last Grooming Days
         Apr 23 Lot s of people still sledding in the golden triangle
         Apr 27 Game over with the rain & mild weather

Year 09-10  Start-up Dec 29 last grooming Mar 28
         Poor year as far as linking trails throughout the Province
         We had a good year except for linking to the City

Year 08-09  Start-up Dec 16 and never looked back.
Year 07-08  Start-up Dec 15 and never looked back.
Year 06-07  Preped Trails on Jan 15 and started Jan 19.
Year 05-06  Dec 25  50 cm storm and started on 26 and 27.
Year 04-05 Start-up Dec 17, Melt down with warm weather
        and 50mm of rain
on Dec 24. Never got any better and
         closed the trails Jan 3 due to ice and
not enough snow cover. 
         Started back up on Jan 10.