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April 17th, Thursday

   -11 at post. Melting has come to a standstill and will slow down significantly for the next few days with temps between -5 & +7. Snow levels took a big hit yesterday, but trail bed survived well. The melting ; however, this will put a lot of water in the low lying areas and one should expect minor water problems on the trails. All trails from Bathurst are not passable, but should be very doable to V Good going west of the lodge. Remember the all NBFSC trails are considered closed since April 16th.

     Our lodge will remain open with limited service hours into the weekend until Mark gets through with the “Popple Shuffle”.
Trail 58 into Serpentine should be good to go as well as the Holtville take off point.

Update: 12 PM
It was a mild rainy night with about 10 to 15 mm, but as of 8 AM this morning it started to snow. It is presently over, but temps are at -3 and will be in the - 7 to + 6 range for the remainder of the week. That should help preserve the trails; however, one should expect water patches here and there.

April 16th, Wednesday

   ALL TRAILS AS OF TODAY ARE CLOSED!!!! Ride at your own risk.
   The residual off trail snow is melting fast. The trail bed will definitely be around for a while. The last two nights seen significant melting of the snow off trail and as we move forward that water is heading to lower elevations so expect some areas with water cuts across the trail. Spoke to Doug last night at the lodge. He and three other lads came over from East Bathurst on 19 and went to Governors. He said Red Brook Shelter would be a little iffy on the way back, but said that trails were exceptionally good with just a little water showing up near TV Tower.

Read previous reports.

   After today there will be a slowing down of the melt. Temps are in the single digits and in the minus  for the next three nights. There must be some people that are still interested with over 40,000 hits yesterday.

Don’t forget the “Popple Shuffle” at Governors this Saturday.
“This one should be a doozie! After a couple years absent Wild Pitch will be returning this year for their regular gig here at Governors for this event and rockers Certified which are no strangers to also playing at the resort are coming along to help rock the house down. With trails still being in great condition and tons of snow should be a great weekend to get out for a rip on the sled, swing by and do a little shuffle”.

NB Power Warning

     As of today April 15th NB Power has notified us that they will be lowering the Head Pond level due to excessive water flow in the Nepisiguit River. The water flow through the power dam has more than doubled and it is incapable of carrying that flow and therefore they have no choice but to lower the level by bypassing the increased flow. They are concerned at this point because of the ice being questionable and their advice is to not cross. At this point we have no choice but to advise sledders that the lodge is no longer accessible via Trail 52.
     Temperatures actually increased over night to +8, so water will soon start o collect even more as we progress towards the weekend, which could be our last weekend for services out of the Lodge. Trails are still great and parking is good out of Nepisiguit Lodge. Trails from Bathurst are still V Good to passable in some spots, but as I said yesterday, Trail 19 may have to be closed coming from the Atlantic Host due to land owner issues as they don’t want wheelers accessing their property.
     As of 12 o'clock midnight all trails are deemed closed for snowmobiling. The NBFSC will not be liable for all snowmobile trails from Aprill 16th going forward.

Apr 14th, Monday
   0 Deg with a little snow dusting overnight. We had our last kick at the trails early Sunday morning and again last night. Had an early pass from the Lodge out to Nine Mile East and last night From the Lodge out to Rogers Lake and back. This morning we are taking the #1 to Bathurst for its final run for the season. Both units will see a major clean-up and the maintenance process for the final storage until next season.
    It has been a long season, but probably one of the best, if not the best season on record. We groomed in the neighborhood of the 2008 hours the year of the big snow, where we had a total snowfall of over 450 cm.
    The lodge will remain open, but with limited hours for this week. (call before visiting 548-9174 just to make sure) No call has been made for closure as there is still good running and parking out of the lodge area. There are absolutely no water issues or trail break-up out of the lodge and only minor out of Bathurst on 19 East & West. Trail 52 has some water issues along with the head pond, but passable with the right equipment and nerve.
    Don’t forget, (see below) next weekend Mark has the “Popple Shuffle”. See his facebook page and / or his web site. It would be nice that after the 15th that 4 wheel equipment would limit their traffic, especially in the “up River” area on trails 22 & 23, but only time will tell on this issue. As a rule there is not much of this on the Nepisiguit side, but I guess it will be a wait and see. There should be good running for what looks like the next month, unless it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

April 13th Sunday

From what I`m hearing, all trails from the Miramichi north are still in good shape with some chalenges of course, but passable with the right machinery; something with power and a little tread or paddle on the track.
For example (don`t have any pics yet), there is slush on the head pond and the wrong machinery got bogged right in the center. Luckly we had the groomer close by and 200 feet of rope and hauled buddy out. Everone had a good time and laugh over the incident, but it is no fun caught in 1.5 feet of slush.
Here are the pics:                        The boys going back to the Miramichi
Excellent traffic at all venues yesterday on Nepisiguit and Chaleur trails.
1. All trails are all good no water showing everywhere over towards serpentine.
2.  Went to try and get to the Host coming from 19 east, and the river is open under the highway going into the back yard of the Host. It is im-passable. Otherwise, trails are in great shape, couple wet spots. Put 240 miles on from Edmudston, to Danny's hotel off the 19. No complaints for the 12th of April.
Trail 52 about 2 Km from head pond:  Another victim

Pople Shuffle Sat urday April 19th

Ppple Shuffle is on for next weekend. I'll get the details later. It is Mark's big event for the year.
With all the snow this season this years Popple shuffle is set to go for the 19th. This one should be a doozie! After a couple years absent Wild Pitch will be returning this year for their regular gig here at Governors for this event and rockers Certified which are no strangers to also playing at the resort are coming along to help rock the house down. With trails still being in great condition and tons of snow should be a great weekend to get out for a rip on the sled, swing by and do a little shuffle : )

Apr 12th, Saturday

    -4 at post and is going to +10 today with a little precip tonight. Trails should have really softened up yesterday with the strong sun and temps as high as +15. Trails going forward, will hold up to sledding, but what you will see is more water gathering on the trail and especially the sides. This is particularly the case on Trail 19 East & West from Bathurst. The big roads west of the lodge should fare well. At this point there are no closures in the Nepisiguit system. Please read info prior to today’s post if you haven’t done so already.
    Here are some  observations from sledders: East on 19 towards Caraquet; pockets of water on trails. Trail 19 in the area of highway 430 at Blue Mountain; four wheel activity. They rutted up the trail in a 2 Km stretch. (you’ll see more of this closer to the city as we approach the 15th.)
    There is no update on the head pond and it is still safe to cross at this point, except may be a bit slushy. There will be no grooming with temps as high as they’ve been, even though you’ll see temps go negative for up to 6 hours. We feel that there would be more damage caused by the groomer sinking through the bed and causing more harm than good.

     Good parking at the Nepisiguit Lodge and all lodges are still open. The highway 430 from Heath Steele plus coming from Nepisiguit Falls Road is quite muddy, but this is your call. Trail 52 is still good from the Miramichi as well as 48 from La Bonne Route, but as I said above, you can expect pockets of water. Send us your reports so we can post them. Thanks in advance

Update: 3 PM

+13 at post; She's melting today. Just spoke with Joan at the Lodge and she's had people in and out most of the day. There are 13 vehichles, some with trailers parked at the lodge. Sleds were in from Bathurst, East Bathurst and Trail 52 from the Miramichi. Looking at the temps going forward, there is not much of low minus temps. I spoke with the operators and they said that we would only damage the trail truing to do those narrow windows. It looks like we'll depend on Mother Nature to do the grooming for the next five days.
This was the water problem that was reported Thursday morning. It is located about 1 Km from highway 11 as you leave the Hydro Line coming from the Host. It is completely passable on an adjacent bridge just to the right of the problem area..
Photo: 1St sign of spring on Nepsisquit town by the bypass near little river ....more pics as I go

As you can see below, the rest of the trail is similar to this coming from the Host. Compliments of Johhny Maher
John Lightning Maher's photo.

Apr 11th, Friday
     +2 at post; More melting yesterday with temps hovering around 8 to 10 degrees and dropping to +2 overnight. We are still in very good shape considering it being April 11 with no trails closed yet. Things haven’t changed much since yesterday’s early report so you can read it. Spoke to people yesterday at the lodge from the Miramichi, Balmoral, NS and Bathurst and all said that the trails everywhere were great. I got a call last night from a sledder and they put on 400 Km yesterday on and off trail. The way he put it, besides saying trails were phenomenal, was that if you want to complain about conditions that they are taking memberships at the local golf courses.

Head Pond Concerns at Nepisiguit Power Dam

     As of today April 10th there is nothing to fear with about 20” of ice on the Head Pond at Nepisiguit Falls. However, here is the crux of the ice situation: The water flow through the power dam has more than doubled and it is capable of carrying that flow, but as the river delivers more water due to the melt down, NB Power will have no choice in lowering the level by bypassing the increased flow. When this takes place, then the ice becomes questionable. They will however, notify us when this occurs.

    Another concern of theirs is that someone came precariously close to the top of the dam. At this area the ice is quite thin. I know you can’t fix stupid, but this is ridiculous. There are huge signs on either side of the river warning no crossing at his point.

Blake’s Report 8.10AM #1 Groomer
     He said the same thing as Melvin with the groomers sinking. He is currently one hour out from the Lodge. Where there are small water crossings on the trail he is seeing water on either side. It is just a matter of time where these water crossings turn into brooks.

Melvin’s Report Groomer #2 7.30 AM

    Just got off the phone with Mel. He reported that 95% of the trail is great. He also observed that the weight of the groomer was digging into the trail by 4 to 6 inches, but this was on the sides of the trail, so he tried to stick to the center. This is a good indication that the trail is giving way from the bottom up and water is becoming a factor. From the earlier report I had mentioned a possible water problem near Highway 11 near a small road bridge. That is a fact.
    When he came across the bridge at Red Brook Shelter last night (Trail 19 from East Bathurst), everything was fine. On his return trip this morning there is water on the trail on the west side of the bridge and he said the brook came up as well so it is just a matter of time where this may not be passable plus another Km west of that there is some water on the trail. Other than that the trail is very good.
   I'll be speaking with Blake later as he is still on the trail and is currently on Nine Mile East Road.


Apr 10th, Thursday

   - 8 at post. Both Groomers are still on the trail on what looks like may be our final run according to temperatures. The Lodge will remain open as long as we have traffic from the 52 (Miramichi) and from Bathurst. We’re anticipating another busy weekend at the lodge. Good parking at the lodge. All non paved roads are very muddy at this point, so if you’re trailering it would be wise to check on those conditions.
     The #1 unit will be a little tight for return time as it might get into temperature problems. Blake left a little early from the Lodge on Trail 23. It was -1 at 8 PM when he left. I was speaking with him and he indicated that although he started out just on the pan, he said the trail was tightening up at that point. His goal was to make it up over TV Tower on the 503 and go as far as the shared road then turn at that point and head back to Governors. From there he is coming back to the lodge area.
     The #2 unit left East Bathurst at around the same time. His goal was to run the Trail 19 as far as the highway#11 (hydro line) but as I see on the GPS he turned just before that. I’m assuming that there was water in the small brook just prior to the above. (For those coming from the Host, that is passable by detouring around it on the little road bridge). He had headed back the lodge at that point.
     Going forward we’re assuming that all trails leaving Bathurst on Trails 19 East & West are still Very Good, but to possibly anticipate small water crossings on the trails to the lodge.  
    There is no official ruling on the extending of the season, but let’s just say that the jury is still out on this one at this stage. We are getting inquires on this on a daily basis. Our club is willing to comply on any ruling that is brought down, but remember this; Grooming will only take place if conditions warrant it, the same as the situations we are presently going through with the weather and this is no different than any other year.

Looks like Mother Nature will take over for the next few days
Friday:      Sunny  High +9       Low +2

Saturday:  Sunny  High +7       Low  0

Sunday:    Sunny  High +9       Low 0
Monday:    Rain     High +8       Low +3

Tuesday:   Rain     High +3       Low +1
Wednesday: April 16 official grooming ends unless extension is applicable.

Serpentine Report

     During our last blizzard Serpentine Lodge lost phone communication, because of a tower that blew over. As a result all messages go to his mail box. As an alternative, you can call Maureen at 506-273-3789 until the tower gets repaired in the spring or leave a message on Alyre's voice mail at 473-0397.

    He is open with all amenities. He also said that Trail 58 even though it wasn’t groomed after the last blizzard, is seeing traffic and is in good shape.

Apr 9th, Wednesday

    +3 deg at post; There was approximately 8 mm of rain that fell yesterday. With temps hovering in the +3 area, it didn’t hurt in the deterioration of the trail bed, although it could have softened it up a bit. This is what people are noticing, especially when the afternoon sun hits.
This is a report by Billy Dempsey:

“”We ran just over 200 miles from East Bathurst to Serpentine Monday. Trails were in superb shape from East Bathurst to 9 mile shelter, there was some drifting up on 9 North and around California lake (Trail 22), but still very good going. Red Pine shelter to TV tower was better than very good, some bumps mostly around TV tower and a few more from there to Governor's. Although not groomed it was very good going up to Alyre's even better on the way back as the few sleds that ran up there packed it down pretty good. Sadly we only saw 6-8 sleds all day despite very good conditions (incredible conditions for the 2nd week of April) and temperatures approaching 10 degrees C.””

Apr 8th, Tuesday

    -1at post. It looks like they toned down on amounts of rainfall through the province, but it is rain we are getting today. Looks like 10 mm in the Bathurst area.

This will not get rid of much bed as there is plenty of it to survive well into May. What it will do is get the small streams flowing a little more and possible water cuts. Our problem is there is not much window for getting any kind of serious grooming in going forward. Our last grooming was Sunday night and that was short. At this point we are relying on temps to level of the loose snow on the trail surface.

    We had various reports of people giving awesome riding conditions from Bathurst to Serpentine. All trails are still VERY open and there is no word on any extension to the season as of yesterday. For your info; After today’s rain, access roads will be in a muddy state.

    Please write us with your trails conditions so we can pass it on. Please realize that conditions are not comparable to the conditions we had in early January, so please take this into consideration when making your observations.

Update: 10 AM
Last night: Trails 19 & 23, Bass River to Nine Mile East. Tonight; very doubtful Trails V Good.

Apr 7, Mon
- 1 at post. It was a very narrow window last night. We started at 12 AM with the temps at -1 and grooming got better as we progressed through the night when temps got down as low as -5. Both groomers were on extremely short runs giving the circumstances. Trails covered were from East Bathurst to Nine Mile Shelter (19 &23) With temps going to+8 today and rain tomorrow, we probably won’t be grooming until Wed or Thurs temperatures permitting. Good steady traffic all weekend. The trails From Bathurst are still good, for how long, that is the question.

Apr 6th, Sun
- 1 at post with a little wet flurry. Both groomers were parked last night due to wet conditions right up until midnight. Trails should be still decent today with temps ranging in the lower + digits. According to the forecast, nothing looks good for grooming until mid week. It looks like we are in that time of the year where layers are peeled off with rain or snow, however; we’ll be watching for opportunities for grooming. At this point all trails are still open and we are in unprecedented conditions for leaving Bathurst and any other community here in the North. It should be another good day and maybe even a better one as temps should be near + 5 with the sun popping out this morning. Drive safe and abide by all safety rules of the trail. There is no need to do something stupid this late in the snowmobile season.

Lodge Today

A bit wet late in the afternoon, but still decent traffic. Not sure about grooming tonight with these temps.
Lodge Today


UPDATE 7.30 am

This is Nine Mile East last night. Leo said trails were awesome after last night`s
run, but starting to get sticky as he is only about 1/2 hour out of the Lodge. Melvin is on his way back from the Lodge to East Bathurst.

Apr 5th, Sat 6.30 AM
-1 at post with a flurry. Both groomers are still out with Leo on the #1 and Mel on the #2. Mel is polishing up between the Lodge and the Host and East Bathurst on Trails 19 & 23 and is currently on the line heading towards the lodge. He may be hard pressed to be off before temps start to come into play. Leo is out from the Lodge on 23 up to the 507 on Trail 22. Did the 507, back tracked to Nine Mile Shelter and is currently on Nine Mile East Rd on his way back to the lodge. He emailed last night and said trails were grooming up well.

Apr 4th, Fri

    The trails are great for this time of year. Last year at this time we were closed and Spring condition reports were in order. All trails from town are fantastic with about 3 feet of bed. Trail 52 from the Miramichi is in great condition as well as all trails from the Peninsula. This is unprecedented. No groomers out last night as there was only limited traffic and all our trails have at least one pass and many of these have multiple passes. See trail status below.
Here is the trail status: Pass means back & forth on same trail.

Trail 19 Host to 19/23: Two passes V Good
Trail 19 Bass R. to Glou. Jct: 1 Pass Good to Awesome

Trail 19 East Bathurst to 19/23: 2 Passes  V Good
Trail 23 From 19/23 to Lodge: 2 Passes V Good
Trail 23 Lodge to Nine Mile East road: 5 Passes  V Good
Trail 23 Nine Mile East to Shelter:  2 Passes V Good
Trail 23 9 Mile Shelter to Rogers Lake: 2 Passes Good
Trail 23 Rogers Lake to Red Pine Shelter: 2 Passes V Good

Trail 23 Red Pine to 23/503 TV Tower: 2 Passes V Good
Trail 23 23/503 TV Tower to Gov: 2  Passes V  Good
Trail 23 Governors to Serpentine:   2 Passes Good
Trail 22 Nine Mile Shelter to 507/22: 1 pass Good

Trail 22 507/22 to 301: 1 Pass V Good
Trail 507 Red Pine Shelter: 2 Passes Good
Trail 503 TV Tower to Trail 19: 1 Good
Trail 506 Popple Depot to Dry gulch: 1 Pass
Trail 508 40 Camp Cluster 1 Pass
Trail 509 Shady Lane Camp Cluster: 1 Pass
Trail 510 Nepisiguit Falls: 1 Pass

Serpentine Lodge: As you know the phone tower is down at the lodge. Alyre asked to post this: Food & Gas and lodging is available. Maureen will take your reservations for lodging for these days: Monday to Thursday and Friday until 8am 273-3789 They are sorry for the inconvenience.
See Rogers Lake event Below

Roger Lake Lodge Doodle's Fest
Be at Rogers Lake Lodge this Friday for a hearty 16oz; serving of BETTYS homemade CHILLI and BUTTERMILK BISCUITS. TIME: 5 TO 9 P:M. 10.00, PER SERVING

Update: 10 AM
Blake is about an hour to the end of his run. Snow is starting to get sticky. Should be at Nepisiguit where he will stop for the day.

Update: 7.30 AM

Blake is about 1.5 hours out of Rogers Lake coming from Serpentine. He may make it back to the lodge before the temps get above Zero.
Both groomers will be parked tonight. Good job by the operators: Melvin, Blake  and Leo. All trails touched up and are in Good to V Good condition.

Apr 3rd, Thurs
    -4 at Post. It was a long day for the #1 and it is still on the trail. We stated 4 AM yesterday morning the Lodge with Leo & volunteer Terry Out to the 301/22 intersection, double passed the 507(huge drifts), 508 (40 Cluster), 509 (Shady Lane Cluster) down to Rogers Lake where  Blake took over last night and he beat it for Serpentine. He was at the 4 corners by 2 AM this morning and is still on the Trail 23 coming back to the lodge. It was sticky during the day while Leo was out, but as I said, we do what we can with the circumstances with the weather and these are long runs where we can get caught. It could still happen to Blake today as he should be arriving back at Governors by 7 AM and he still has to make it to the Nepisiguit Lodge. Nothing is easy at this time of year. Melvin was early this morning at 1AM to do the Bass River Run, which is about a 4 hour run. After this we will see what the upcoming weather will be like as it appears that it will be much milder, even at night. All trails are done after this last storm. We are in that stage of the year where we depend on the sun during the day for the trails to “self groom”.  According to Leo and Melvin the trails are in decent to V Good shape.
     Unfortunately NB had another snowmobile fatality. It was not snowmobile trail related, but none the less, we have to use due diligence when riding. Our condolences go out to the family. This is the fifth fatality this year, so please ride with caution and pleeeeeese keep the speed down. When riding off trail there are a lot of unknowns out there, so caution should be further heightened when doing so.

Update: 6 PM
It is what I figured. Leo was into the mild. Zero deg just does not cut it with the high sun. Snow started to pile up in the drag. BUT. what can we do with only so many hours to get it done and not looking so great after tomorrow. He is an hour out of Rogers Lake, and the temps are staring to go negative and it is overcast. Blake will be on his way to Serpentine shortly.
 Melvin will do the Bass River run tonight. After this is all done, the only thing we can do  is choose our windows of grooming oportunities Temperature related of course. The bed isn't going anywhere. We're good until July!!!! LOL

Update: 2.30 PM
Leo is on the 507. He has been up to the 301/22 intersection and will probably do a cluster groom on his way back To Rogers Lake. Not sure how he is making out with this high sun. Even at 0 the surface tends to melt so that is why the wondering with the high sun. There is only so many hours in the day and week to get this done and going forward there isn't much of a window to get as far out like this. At this time of year we are looking at fuel location management, so as not to get caught with a load of unused fuel over the summer.

Update: 8.30 AM
We got into a fix at Nine Mile Shelter with the #1. With the bed being so high the ditches become that much deeper. We slid off the trail and manged to unhook the drag and with operator experience managed to wiggle out. That put us back a bit in our schedule. Melvin on the #2 who was put on notice for assisting the #1 said the Trail between the Host and the Lodge was setting up perfect with last nights grooming. This is the second pass this week. Undoubtedbly he was pleased to hear Leo made it out and is now on his way home to East Bathurst. He should be done by 12 Noon. With some rest he will try and get the Bass River section done with the winds being subsided and we can now deal wih the drifts in this section.

Apr 2nd, Wed, Club #1

    -7 at post. Things are starting to shape up and are looking good for the weekend, providing Mother Nature doesn’t throw us another curve. The boys are getting the job done. We are working through a little mild through the daytime. I was speaking with Blake last night and he is reporting the trails being real loose, but there is not much we can do about that as there is very little traffic to get the trails packed in. This situation will improve with the higher afternoon suns and more passes, which will occur as we move on through the week.
    Melvin is still on the trail since 8 PM last night. He is making the second pass to the Host and will finish up in East Bathurst sometime today. Leo & Terry are on the Trail 22 as they left from the lodge early this morning.
Here is the trail status: Pass means back & forth on same trail.

Trail 19 Host to 19/23: Two passes Good
Trail 19 Bass R. to Glou. Jct: 0 Passes Grooming today or tomorrow morning

Trail 19 East Bathurst to 19/23: 2 Passes  Good
Trail 23 From 19/23 to Lodge: 2 Passes Good
Trail 23 Lodge to Nine Mile East road: 4 Passes  V Good
Trail 23 Nine Mile East to Shelter:  1 Pass Fair to Good grooming today
Trail 23 9 Mile Shelter to Rogers Lake: 1 Pass F to G Grooming today
Trail 23 Rogers Lake to Red Pine Shelter: 1 Pass F to G Grooming tonight

Trail 23 Red Pine to 23/503 TV Tower: 1 Pass F to G Grooming tonght
Trail 23 23/503 TV Tower to Gov: 1  Pass Fair to Good grooming tonight
Trail 23 Governors to Serpentine:   grooming tonight
Trail 22 Nine Mile Shelter to 507/22: Grooming today lot of drifting

Trail 22 507/22 to 301: Grooming today lot of drifting
Trail 507 Red Pine Shelter: ??? not done yet
Trail 503 TV Tower to Trail 19: 1 Pass Fair to good
Trail 506 Popple Depot to Dry gulch: 1 Pass
Trail 508 40 Camp Cluster 0 Pass maybe today
Trail 509 Shady Lane Camp Cluster: 0 Pass maybe today
Trail 510 Nepisiguit Falls Done last night

Looking for a Volunteer
We are desparately looking for a volunteer to go with Leo  on the groomer sometime early tomorrow morning. He is looking at doing the Trail 22 from Nine Mile out to the 301 intersection. It is more for the point of safety. Please be so kind to call me 548-8241 or Leo 546-3486. He can pick you up at your house if needed. Please step up and help us out with this. Thanks.
Update: 1 PM  Blake is coming back on the TV Tower Run (503) Destination Governors.
Update: 7 PM Leo got his volunteer. Many thanks to Terry Smyth
 Blake is 4 hours out of the lodge finishing up on his run. Leo & Terry to follow shortly after on the Trail to Hell. Melvin will be out tonight as well on the #2. Complete update in the morning.

No snow in Bathurst. April 1st
Photo: No Snow in Bathurst

This is no April Fools Joke
    -5 at post. The #1 is on its way to Governors  from the lodge on Trail 23. We were out yesterday with the #2 unit and we are seeing serious drifts (up to 8 ft) just on the regular trails. What was done so far is breaking the trail from the lodge to the Host and over to East Bathurst. At this rate we’ll be lucky to have trails groomed up by Thursday and in what shape????
    If anyone is to venture out please avoid the full length of trail 22 from Nine Mile Shelter to 301/22 intersection as we anticipate serious drifts in this area. There was approximately 40 cm of hard pack snow fell along with serious drifting.

Serpentine Phone is Out of Service
Alyre Marquis: During last week’s blizzard, Serpentine lost phone communication, because of a tower that blew over. As a result all messages go to his mail box. As an alternative, you can call Maureen at 506-273-3789 until the tower gets repaired in the spring.

Mar 31st, Mon

    It is hard to say how much snow we have down in Bathurst because of the drifting, but it it is of a fine variety and it is in the range of 20 to 25 cm. There is a light snow falling at present and they are calling for 15 more centimeters, but looking at the satellite pics I don’t see that happening. Will update later.
    We will make a call on grooming later in the day when this settles down. There will not be much urgency to get the trails groomed up, because if the traffic was anything like last week, there will be virtually no sleds on the trail until at least Thursday and for the few that may want to venture out, have fun. We will be basically working at night due to temps getting over zero. There could be the odd occasion where we might get caught out too far for our return trip.

P.S. Last Year at this time: All trails from the city were closed plus our lodge was closed.

Unprecedented Conditions
     I was up to the Host for breakfast and just made a circle around St Anne St and Vanier Blvd where the Trail 19 crosses both roadways. For the last day in March I would have to say that the trail bed is unprecedented conditions for trails leaving Bathurst. I have never seen the trail bed with this depth, let alone even a trail bed at this time of year, ever.
    With this snow we are getting in the next 24 hours, I can see us grooming right to the final April 15th date, although temperatures may give us a harder time to get the job done. None the less, this season will have to go into the record books as one of the best, if not the best snowmobile season ever.
    The snow that is falling since 12 PM is of a fine variety and the forecasted blizzard is not here yet. It is -2 in Bathurst. Just to bring the site traffic up to date we showed hits of 33,000 /day for March, 34,000/day for Feb, down from 42K in Jan.

Mar 30th, Sun

    -6 at post. Both Groomers were out last night on short runs. The #1 unit scrubbed from the lodge up through Rogers Lake, 507, 508 Forty Cluster, Trail 22 to Nine Mile shelter and back to the Lodge. The #2 went from the Lodge up to Nine Mile Road turned and back towards the Host on 19. From there he came back on 19 to the 23/19 intersection towards East Bathurst and back to the Lodge on the 23, then proceeded again to the Nine Mile Road to triple that short section up. He is still on the trail and the #1 is finished for the day.
     We’ll be laying low to see what we’ll get for snow amounts and with not much traffic anticipated we’ll be taking our time with night time grooming only, unless the temps happen to get a little tighter during the daytime. Of course the Long Range forecast has changed again to what looks like 95% beautiful snowmobiling weather with temps ranging from -2 to + 6.

Update: 8 PM
Traffic wasn't as big as was anticipated, but still enough to warrant some short runs as soon as the temps get a little lower. We have both units staged in the lodge area and we'll concentrat between Bathurst and as far as Red Pine Shelter staring later tonight. That will but us on the leading edge of yet another snowfall tomorrow.

Mar 29th, Sat Club #1

    -3 at post. Decent turnout for the Miramichi Wings last night with live entertainment. Weather kept a lot of people away as the forecast predicted rain mix, which did not happen. It was all snow with about 5 cm. Trails are in decent shape and according to all sledders they said that all trails were awesome, but checkout our report below. There should be a lot of traffic again today, which could be our last major traffic weekend of the season. Judging by next weeks forecast daytime grooming will be at a premium and night time is a little better. Everything after this weekend will be bonus as last year as last year on March 29th all trails from the city were closed and the lodge was closed on the 31st and the year before it was two weeks earlier than that. So count your lucky star as all trails are in very good shape with oodles of base.
Here is the trail status with trails groomed since Monday: Pass means back & forth on same trail.

Trail 19 Host to 19/23: Three passes V Good
Trail 19 Bass R. to Glou. Jct: Two Passes V Good

Trail 19 East Bathurst to 19/23: 3 Passes  V Good
Trail 23 From 19/23 to Lodge: 4 Passes V Good
Trail 23 Lodge to Nine Mile East road: 4 1/2 Passes  Good
Trail 23 Nine Mile East to Shelter:  4 1/2 Passes V Good
Trail 23 9 Mile Shelter to Rogers Lake: 2 1/2 Passes. good
Trail 23 Rogers Lake to Red Pine Shelter: 2 Passes. Awesome

Trail 23 Red Pine to 23/503 TV Tower road: 2 Passes Awesome
Trail 23 23/503 TV Tower Road to Gov: 4  Passes V Good
Trail 23 Governors to Serpentine:   One Pass Good to V Good
Trail 22 9 Mile Shelter to 507/22: 3 Passes  Fair to good lot of drifting

Trail 22 507/22 to 301: 2  Passes fair to good lot of drifting
Trail 507 Red Pine Shelter: 1 1/2 Passes good
Trail 503 TV Tower to Trail 19: 2 Passes good
Trail 506 Popple Depot to Dry gulch: 1 Pass
Trail 508 40 Camp Cluster 0 Pass
Trail 509 Shady Lane Camp Cluster: 1 Pass

Update: 9 AM

Trail 22: It looks like Leo rehooked to the drag and is on his way back out to the 301. He should be back at Rogers Lake around 2 PM. When he gets back to RL, Blake will run that groomer to the Lodge for fuel.
Melvin is back out on Trail 19 to Bass River. This will complete our grooming for today.

Update 6.30 AM Update 7 AM

Just got a call from Leo. He said severe drifting on Trail 22 from Nine Mole Shelter to the 507/22 intersection. He double passed it. He is now on the second section of 22 (22/507 to 22/301) which we call the trail to hell because of the drifting. This trail is not going to be pretty because of what we have to do.
His text at 4 AM this morning:

“”9 mile shelter to 507 severely blown in with snow no choice but to take the time to clean it up somewhat and make second pass. Tried three times to turn around to shorten second pass could not be done. I can just imagine what awaits me across the road to hell.””

This is just a small example what operators go through, but yet when the whiners get on this trail this weekend they’ll be wondering why it isn’t flat for their glass sleds. I can just imagine what the clubs down in Southern NB are up against with 40 cm down with hurricane winds to boot. Good luck to them.
Judging on his speed , it looks like he unhooked the drag about half way through.

Mar 28th, Fri

     The #1 unit is still on the trail. Tails done yesterday: From the Host to Governors 19 & 23 with some sections double passed. Gl Jct to Lodge Trail 19,

TV Tower Rd 503, 507. 506, 510. Trail 23 from Gov to Serp wasn’t done, but we were up on that trail on Monday. Trail 22 to the 301 is presently being done.

Bass River Trail 19 should be done today. Too much drifting yesterday.
This will be the second time for most trails this week and most have quad passes on them.
    Looking at the forecast temperatures are going to become an issue. Anticipated traffic for this weekend will play hell on the trails. Don’t even look at the long range for next week.
    Miramichi are having their wings night at the lodge tonight.  Trail 52 was done yesterday and it was in pretty good shape prior to the little snowfall.

Lodge Signs for Sponsors

This is permanantly fixed in our Calander of Events page

Fax Number: 

Email: ,  and/or

Phone:  1-506-545-6565


To:  Sponsor


      The Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile club is responsible for 450 Km of Groomed trails in the Bathurst region. We run two Lamtrac groomers and run these units for 1500 to 2000 hours in a season. With the trail system we have it is near impossible to run this equipment with the expenses they incur on Trail permits alone.

       We would be proud to count on you as a sponsor of a small bill-board on which we can display your advertisement for your business at our lodge.

       We would require from you a bill-board with exact dimensions 12” X 24” at your cost. We can help you in that regard as we have a local business that can do it for $30.00 or you can get it done yourself. Your email, contact person & mailing address is also required.

       From this point on we will then invoice you for a yearly fee of $100.00 + HST. Below are some examples of the signs that we display at the lodge.


                                   Don Basque: Advertising Director  545-6565
                                   Marc Hannan: Co- Advertising Director   544-5445

                                   Richard Dobson: President Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Nine Year Grooming History for Nepisiguit

Here is a brief history of grooming status over the last 10 years.

Year 12-13       
Dec 28: Started grooming right from Bathurst,
            Conditions From Bathurst to the Lodge were doable.
             Grooming all trails above Lodge.
      Dec 27 8 to 10 inches conditions much improved. As time
             progressed towards Jan 12 snow gradually wore out
             between Bathurst and the Lodge where conditions just
             became doable in that stretch
       Jan 13 /14 Mild spell 4 to 11 deg forced to call Everything
           closed from the City, doable from Lodge out to shelter 
       Jan 22 Reopened the trails after 10 to 15 cm Still scratchy
       Jan 31 All Trails closed in NB due to rain & meltdown
       Feb 3-4 10 cm snow open from lodge west but icy no grooming
       Feb 9 Major storm to the south 15 cm in Bathurst
       Feb 17 & 20 Two majors in a row total close to 95 cm Back
           in Business
       Mar 29 All Trails from the city closed. Still grooming Lodge
               going West
       April 8. Last grooming. Trails fair to poor on what is left

Year 11-12       Dec 22 Started grooming from Rogers Lake Conditions
         were not that great. A bit of mild towards Jan 1. People
          running off
 trail. Limited grooming Jan 4.
         Jan 8 to 9 Broke Trail from Host to Lodge, Not much snow
         + overhanging alders. Great freezing temps with no water.
          Great conditions with not much snow in PEI/NS
          March 18, 19  temperatures near +28 degrees
          Season is toast
Year 10-11 Preping Trails Dec 26 . Started grooming on the 28th
after Storm on Dec 26 & 27 Extremely mild weather. Lots of
         washouts and wet areas. Conditions much improved by Jan 20.
         Feb 21 over 260 Cm down in Bathurst area with great conditions.
         Mar 14 20 mm rain on 11 & 12 but very manageble. -5 deg
         Mar 31 No trails closed yet with great base depth
         Apr 15 Last day out of the Lodge. Still great up high
         Apr 07 08 09 Last Grooming Days
         Apr 23 Lot s of people still sledding in the golden triangle
         Apr 27 Game over with the rain & mild weather

Year 09-10  Start-up Dec 29 last grooming Mar 28
         Poor year as far as linking trails throughout the Province
         We had a good year except for linking to the City

Year 08-09  Start-up Dec 16 and never looked back.
Year 07-08  Start-up Dec 15 and never looked back.
Year 06-07  Preped Trails on Jan 15 and started Jan 19.
Year 05-06  Dec 25  50 cm storm and started on 26 and 27.
Year 04-05 Start-up Dec 17, Melt down with warm weather and 50mm of  
on Dec 24. Never got any better and closed the trails Jan 3 
             due to ice and
not enough snow cover. Started back up on Jan 10.