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black billabong backpack on friday feb 20th. Turn it in at the lodge if possible or call the lodge 548-9174.

Mar 3rd, 6 AM, Tuesday Snowmobile Club #1

    -17 in Bathurst this AM. We’re into the first week of March and you can see the difference in the weather and daylight. Sun is much higher and these factors have an impact on trail conditions. Since Sunday we made a big dent in trail grooming and we still have work to do in some locations. We have groomed all trails between Bathurst / Bass River / Janeville and Governors and as I said some need a do-over. Serpentine run will be done on Thursday. Today we’ll be on Trail 22 concentrating heavily between Nine Mile Shelter and the 22/507 intersection.
     We have a bit of maintenance on the #2 unit today and will look at the #1 later this week. It was a busy weekend throughout the system resulting in some trails getting tore up pretty bad.
     Note that we have two suppers this week. Wednesday night (Hip of Beef) and Thursday night (Bar-B-Q chicken all proceeds to the Miramichi Valley Club). See details in Calendar of Events.

   Our Wings & Mussels event is this coming Saturday at the Red Brook Shelter. Always a great time.

Mar 2nd, 6 AM, Monday Snowmobile Club #1

    -8 in Bathurst at post. This is the first time since Christmas that the temps have been in single digits over night. Both groomers are on the trails this morning. It is probably one of the first times this winter that the trails got moguled this bad, especially in the high traffic areas, such as the Nine Mile East Road (Trail 23). We spent extra time on this section last night blading the moguls. We’ll be working today and tonight to get the trails back to some normalsy.

    I don’t have the figures on the Danny Burger Run, but people are saying it was the biggest one yet. We had great weather, which was a contributing factor. All lodges were very busy as well. Thanks to the Bid D Drive In for their supreme effort.

     Note that we have two suppers this week. Wednesday night (roast beef) and Thursday night (bar-b-q chicken all proceeds to the Miramichi Valley Club). See details in Calendar of Events.

   Our Wings & Mussels event is this coming Saturday at the Red Brook Shelter. Always a great time.

Mar 1st, 7.30 AM, Sunday Snowmobile Club #1

     -18 in Bathurst with temps going to -3 and a beautiful sunny day in store.

 From all indications we had a very successful Danny Burger Run. Thanks to Richard Dobson and Big D Drive In and all the help to get this event in. It is a lot of work and they are to be commended.

     Both groomers are on the trails since last evening and will have all trails from Bathurst / East Bathurst to Trail 22 groomed up for today. They will be out again tonight.

Feb 28th, 6 AM, Saturday Snowmobile Club #1

      -27 at post in Bathurst. The temps are going to -6 with a great sun today for what it looks like a great day to head to the Danny Burger run today at Dobson’s camp. The event runs from 12 PM to 4 PM. See post below for map location. We’re expecting over 400 sleds and more through the run of the day. Come on out and support the Club. All monies raised go right back into the trails.

     In the past 48 hours all trails from Bathurst / Bass River to Serpentine have seen at least two passes with the groomers and some have multiple passes. Trails still remain a bit loose, but that is the nature of this last snow, but today’s traffic and continuing higher sun will definitely make a big difference. Both groomers are parked for the day, but will be on the trails tonight once the traffic subsides a bit.

     Please take your time out there and don’t drive stupid. Stay on your side of the trail and avoid passing, especially on Trail 22. It will be a beautiful day and we’re urging you to keep it that way. BE SAFE.

Update: 1 PM

     The #2 continued down to Bass River this morning to redo that section of 19.  The #1 has already turned at the 4 corners near Serpentine and is headed back to Governors and Rogers Lake on Trail 23.

Feb 27th, 6 AM, Friday Snowmobile Club 1

    -20 in Bathurst at post. Groomers are still on the trail. The #1 took a little break to time the Serpentine run during daylight hours. We are currently on the Trail 23 and are heading up that way today. The #2 is on its way back to East Bathurst from Trail 22. We gave the 22 another run last night in preparation of the Danny Burger run taking place tomorrow. When we get the Serpentine run finished, all trails will have seen a groomer in the Nepisiguit system. Some trails may not look like they seen a groomer, but with the looseness and the drifting yesterday, will make it feel that way.
     As I said yesterday, the 15 cm on top of our flat trails will make them real loose, but with traffic and the high sun yesterday and what appears to be in the forecast for the next few days will definitely make a difference in the top layer of the trail bed, which by the way is running between 2 and 3 feet and possibly more in places. We could be going until May LOL.

Update: 11 AM

Both groomers  are still on the move. The #2 unit is near completion of a double pass from Bass River to The Atlantic Host on Trail 19 as well as from 19 to Nepisiguit Lodge on Trail23. We'll have a shift change on that unit and it will head out to Trail 22 Cal loop and into Rogers Lake.  The #1 unit is currently on Chaleur Trail 19 (their groomer is down) and is approaching the 503 TV Tower trail at Simpson Fields. Once over TV Tower he will head to Gov and back track to Rogers Lake via Piston Alley Trail 23. Shift change then up to Serpentine.


Feb 26th, 6 AM, Thursday Snowmobile Club 1

    -17 in Bathurst. Well, we got about 15 cm of absolutely useless snow. It turned out to be just a fluff, but highly susceptible to drifting, which probably will happen today. Both groomers are on the move this morning. The #2 unit started last night by doing the 19 down to Bass River and turned there and has just left the Atlantic Host for the Nepisiguit Lodge. The #1 unit left Rogers Lake at 4 AM and is headed out on Trail 22 to Trail 19. Where trails aren’t groomed, should not be a factor in conditions other than this fluff. All trails were flat prior to this snow, so the only change going forward is that they will be really loose. The boys will stay on the go through the next few days.
    Despite the supper being cancelled last night, we had decent traffic at the lodge yesterday. We’ll have an extra meal added to our menu with Hot Roast Turkey featured all weekend plus homemade fries while they last. Severed up plenty of those yesterday as soon as Joan mentioned “homemade fries”. You never know she even may make “Hot Turkey” sandwiches with those homemade fries thrown in.
     Marc Hannan asked me to tell you they made a  $160 dollar donation as a result of their ‘Sweetheart Run” last weekend. Thanks Guys & Gals. Our famous Danny Burger Run is on for this Saturday sponsored by Big D Drive In. We’re anticipating a record turnout of over 400 to 500 sleds this weekend with great weather in the forecast. 12 PM to 4 PM Saturday at Dobsons Camp on Trail 22.

Update: 5.45 PM
 I was up at the lodge  doing some maintenance when these boys arrived from The Baie St Anne area around 11 AM. From that point on traffic never ceased. We cancelled the supper, but Joan put on a Roast Turkey Dinner special for $10.50 and she dished out at least six while I was there plus other meals.(She's a whiz in the kitchen) The special will be on for the weekend. Oh yes all the potatoes for the dinner were cut into fries (MC helped) and voila "Homemade Fries". Two groups in from Ontario about 10 local and a whack of other sledders. About 15 cm down now, but just a fluff. One group from Ontario sledded all the way from just north of Toronto. They said they were heading to Halifax.

Wednesday Night Supper Cancelled
We had to make a decision on the supper tonight and it came up as a cancelation due to the weather today. We have rescheduled the Supper to a later date to be announced.

Feb 25th, 6 AM, Wednesday Snowmobile Club 1
      -14 in Bathurst. How do you describe flat? That is what the trails are like on Trail 19 from East Bathurst to Atlantic Host, Trail 23 from19/23 intersection to Governors & Trail 22. I was speaking with all the operators and they may have seen a total of 10 sleds in two days. Also two gentlemen from the Peninsula, whom I was speaking with at Governors drove 1000 Km via Rogersville, Minto, Chipman, Fredericton, Doaktown, Serpentine and said they met about 15 sleds in 4 days.
    There will be no grooming today with this pending snowfall, which looks like in the area of 10 to 15 cm (not to bad but we really don’t need any right now). We’ll be keeping a close watch on when it finishes and get the trails shined up for the weekend for the Danny Burger run. Wind could factor in with drifting.
    The Chaleur Club has asked us to look after sections of Trail 19 & 22 until they get their groomer back on the trail; Busted Track, which should be rectified by this weekend.
     Tonight’s Wednesday night supper is canceled to a later date to be announced.

Feb 24th, 6 AM, Tuesday Snowmobile Club 1
    -24 at post. Both Groomers are still on the trail this morning. Trails done since early Monday morning: Trail 19 from East Bathurst to Atlantic Host, Trail 23 from19/23 intersection to Governors, Trail 22 from Nine Mile Shelter to 22/301 intersection, Trails 503 TV Tower, 507, 508, 509.
    Don’t forget our Wednesday night supper (Turkey with all the fixens sponsored by Maurice’s Gas & Convenience and Service Master) and of course our famous Danny Burger Run this coming Saturday.
'Just to give you a heads up on the Danny Burger Run this weekend: Location Dobson's Camp on Trail 22 (See Map Below) Time: Feb 28, Saturday 12 PM to 4 PM. All proceeds to Club #1 to support Trail Grooming.'

Lodge Signs for Sponsors

This is permanantly fixed in our Calander of Events page

Fax Number: 

Email: ,  and/or

Phone:  1-506-545-6565


To:  Sponsor


      The Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile club is responsible for 450 Km of Groomed trails in the Bathurst region. We run two Lamtrac groomers and run these units for 1500 to 2000 hours in a season. With the trail system we have it is near impossible to run this equipment with the expenses they incur on Trail permits alone.

       We would be proud to count on you as a sponsor of a small bill-board on which we can display your advertisement for your business at our lodge.

       We would require from you a bill-board with exact dimensions 12” X 24” at your cost. We can help you in that regard as we have a local business that can do it for $30.00 or you can get it done yourself. Your email, contact person & mailing address is also required.

       From this point on we will then invoice you for a yearly fee of $100.00 + HST. Below are some examples of the signs that we display at the lodge.


                                   Don Basque: Advertising Director  545-6565
                                   Marc Hannan: Co- Advertising Director   544-5445

                                   Richard Dobson: President Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Ten Year Grooming History for Nepisiguit

Here is a brief history of grooming status over the last 10 years.

Year 13-14   
      Dec 15: Started packing & grooming 
      Dec 21: Lodge opened. Earliest ever. All trails groomed. + snow
      Jan 12: 40 mm rain; 2nd rainfall in a week
      Jan 16: another 40 mm rain
      Jan 17: Some water cuts , but al trails very doable. Lube??
      Jan 20: All trails good to excellent after some trail repair
      Lots of snow from now until end of season
      Stopped grooming Apr 10 after some rain, 
      but trails good to excellent. Some sledding into may
      Best season on record. Over 2000 hours groomed.

Year 12-13       
Dec 28: Started grooming right from Bathurst,
            Conditions From Bathurst to the Lodge were doable.
             Grooming all trails above Lodge.
      Dec 27 8 to 10 inches conditions much improved. As time
             progressed towards Jan 12 snow gradually wore out
             between Bathurst and the Lodge where conditions just
             became doable in that stretch
       Jan 13 /14 Mild spell 4 to 11 deg forced to call Everything
           closed from the City, doable from Lodge out to shelter 
       Jan 22 Reopened the trails after 10 to 15 cm Still scratchy
       Jan 31 All Trails closed in NB due to rain & meltdown
       Feb 3-4 10 cm snow open from lodge west but icy no grooming
       Feb 9 Major storm to the south 15 cm in Bathurst
       Feb 17 & 20 Two majors in a row total close to 95 cm Back
           in Business
       Mar 29 All Trails from the city closed. Still grooming Lodge
               going West
       April 8. Last grooming. Trails fair to poor on what is left

Year 11-12       Dec 22 Started grooming from Rogers Lake Conditions
         were not that great. A bit of mild towards Jan 1. People
          running off trail. Limited grooming Jan 4.
         Jan 8 to 9 Broke Trail from Host to Lodge, Not much snow
         + overhanging alders. Great freezing temps with no water.
          Great conditions with not much snow in PEI/NS
          March 18, 19  temperatures near +28 degrees
          Season is toast
Year 10-11 Preping Trails Dec 26 . Started grooming on the 28th
after Storm on Dec 26 & 27 Extremely mild weather. Lots of
         washouts and wet areas. Conditions much improved by Jan 20.
         Feb 21 over 260 Cm down in Bathurst area with great conditions.
         Mar 14 20 mm rain on 11 & 12 but very manageble. -5 deg
         Mar 31 No trails closed yet with great base depth
         Apr 15 Last day out of the Lodge. Still great up high
         Apr 07 08 09 Last Grooming Days
         Apr 23 Lot s of people still sledding in the golden triangle
         Apr 27 Game over with the rain & mild weather

Year 09-10  Start-up Dec 29 last grooming Mar 28
         Poor year as far as linking trails throughout the Province
         We had a good year except for linking to the City

Year 08-09  Start-up Dec 16 and never looked back.
Year 07-08  Start-up Dec 15 and never looked back.
Year 06-07  Preped Trails on Jan 15 and started Jan 19.
Year 05-06  Dec 25  50 cm storm and started on 26 and 27.
Year 04-05 Start-up Dec 17, Melt down with warm weather
        and 50mm of rain
on Dec 24. Never got any better and
         closed the trails Jan 3 due to ice and
not enough snow cover. 
         Started back up on Jan 10.