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Service Truck from Primrose Computers
(06:00 AM, Apr 26, 2019)

Fri, April 26th, Club #1
     Primrose Computers out of Liverpool Nova Scotia has graciously come forward with assistance on a service truck for the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club #1. They are offering us one of their service trucks for use between October and April. The executive can’t thank them enough for this generous offer. This is just another above and beyond example of corporate sponsorship that makes the club a more viable operation. A big Thank You is in order. 

Yes it is still April
(06:00 AM, Apr 25, 2019)

Thursday, April 25th, Club #1
     Well, I think we are still in the Spring season, because I looked at the calendar and sure enough it is April 25th, but it is a white mass of snow here in Bathurst and at -1 at post. Even with the melt downs and rain, there is good riding in the upper reaches of the system beginning on the Nine Mile East road and into Rogers Lake. Yes there are a few patches of bare and don’t forget water cuts, but people who have camps in the areas of the big roads still have to snowmobile into their camps. It is not unusual to see such existing conditions for this time of year following a big snow year such as what we had this year. As we said in earlier posts, the groomed sections are the last to go because of the tightness of the packed snow. Just remember the trails are officially closed and the liability is strictly on your shoulders if you dare to take that last “ride”. 
     On another personal note, I want to thank you all for the tons of support you have shown for to me on behalf of my wife MC locally and from afar, whether it be by mail, by in person, by card, by phone. We really appreciate the support. Thank You. 

Service Truck for Nepisiguit
(06:00 AM, Apr 18, 2019)

Truck Rental      Thurs, April 18th
    I’m just going to throw this out there. For years we’ve had our Groomer Director, use his own vehicle as a service truck for the Nepisiguit club, and yes we’ve paid his expenses in gas, but how do we compensate him for the other with the racking up mileage and the wear and tear of his vehicle. 
    Our executive understands this fully well so this is what we are proposing by throwing some options out to our corporate members. We are looking to purchase or the stronger option to rent (for a period of 6 months October through to March) a truck with these options: a 4 X 4 ½ or ¾ ton, extended cab with trailer package, so we could haul a small float or trailer. 
    We are open to suggestions or offers to help us out in this endeavor. Please contact Don by phone at 480-9379 or by email at  . I will also face book this. Thanks in advance for and offers or suggestions. 

Club #1 Closing Message
(06:00 AM, Apr 15, 2019)

      On behalf of the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club #1 I first want to thank all our members who signed up with the club this year plus all those who rode our trails this past season. As far as the season went we had almost a duplicate year of operations compared to last year with numbers showing about the same for the busiest seasons on record. There were a lot of positives to take away this season and the biggest one was the extra groomer “Big Blue” as we like to call it. It made a tremendous difference in our trail grooming just taking care of the short section between Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake. It freed up our two other groomers for the remainder of the trail system. We want to acknowledge all of our sponsors, without them it would be impossible to put a product out there for you snowmobilers. Lastly we want to thank Joan, Charlene, Micheline, Jessie & Paul at the lodge, Ron Scott our director of grooming operations and his operators: Melvin, Roger, Jack, Josh, Bryan, & Troy who all did an amazing job.
     Our season started off with a bang with the groomers hitting the trails on Dec 15th after a few good snowfalls prior to the 15th. We had an above average year at the lodge and our Wednesday night suppers were a fantastic draw again this year with a few bumps due to inclement weather. We don’t have a handle on membership numbers, but we should “hold our own”. As far as snow it was almost a flip flop from last season with all of our snow coming in Jan & Feb and barely none in March. Our trails held up very well with nary a blip during the whole season. I have to revert back to the addition of the third groomer to help us through those times to keep up with the many storms we had this winter. 
     Going forward the club is in decent shape and we have our usual problems of keeping the system running. Presently we’re working on our groomers getting them stored away and making them ready for next year. We made significant upgrades in our trail system with the moving of Trail 503 from the old TV Tower trail to the one out of Popple Depot and connecting to Traiil 19 at the old Simpson Fields intersection. This trail was a big hit for all riders and a relatively easy trail to maintain. We also added a trail 502 into the Austin Brook Cluster, but fell short on the much needed Trail 501 into the city with many road blocks posed to us by the DTI. We have a plan in place to get this done for next season. We made some significant changes at our lodge with the new storage facility plus a fresh new look inside and outside the lodge. We could be making some changes around the lodge again this year and we’ll keep you filled in on this. 
      Our Wednesday night suppers were an amazing hit again this year and well attended by local and visitors as well. These suppers are a big hit and a mainstay of fund raising for trail maintenance and with this and a few other fund raisers and lodge advertising it would be virtually impossible to have the product out there on the trails. Having said this, a big thank you to all our great sponsors who make the aforesaid happen. Without your support the above would not have taken place. 
      The club is also in need of new and more directors to ensure the longevity of the club. We don’t have problems with getting volunteers, but it is at the administrative end where numbers are lacking. We’ve added a key director, Shelter Director; Tyler Mullin who really “took the bull by the horns” and is looking after our shelters. We’ve added a fourth shelter at Popple Depot and Tyler is in the midst of changing out the old shelter at Red Pine Brook (we’ll keep you updated on that). 
     For myself, I’m not sure where the future is going to take me, as I had a few life changing events, but my heart is and always will be with club #1 and will hopefully be around again next year God willing. In closing we would again like to thank all for your support for this past year and look forward to seeing you all back next year. Please stay posted as periodically we will have info to pass on. Have a great summer and remember Club #1 next year when registering. “BUY WHERE YOU RIDE” 

Grooming plus warnings about riding on non designated trails
(05:10 AM, Jan 4, 2017)

    -3 in Bathurst at post. Snow turning to rain today. Yesterday the #1 was up to Serpentine from Rogers Lake (trail 23). 21 hour run. On the way back it did the Dry Gulch 506 road. The #2 is very close to a fix and if there is, then both groomers will wait until this snow dries out a bit.
     Just a warning to all snowmobilers wandering off groomed trails on private property: if we abuse our privilege we could lose a very important section of Trail 19 from Atlantic Host going East. Another contentious area is in Gloucester Junction Near East Bathurst, which is again on 19 East. Some sledders are jumping the trail onto the CNR rail bed. We’ve already been warned by the CNR in past years. If we lose this section of trail, then all the work that was done between that area and Route 360 will all be for not, thus cutting access to East Bathurst plus the Peninsula. This no laughing matter if we want snowmobiling to continue here in Bathurst. 

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile  club #1, which is the oldest snowmobile club in the province, has the largest membership in New Brunswick with 949 registered last season (826 for 15/16),  (849 for 14/15), (794 for 13/14), (809 for 12/14), (765 for 11/12), (579 for 07/08) with a strong Nova Scotia and PEI contingent and maintains a trail system about 400 Kilometers in length. The club started in 69/70 with one small groomer with membership fees of $10 and groomed  about 175 Km in the area between Brunswick Mines (Old Theriault Rd), Highway 430 (Nine Mile East Rd), and the now Caribou Mines.

Trails were designated and signed by such names as Caribou, Bear, Fox, Rabbit and Beaver. Log shelters were built along the trails and were also designated with animal names. One unique feature at the beginning was that all traffic was in one direction. It made for safer trails as the drags were only so wide. The trails were made in a series of 5 loops and one could vary their trip in any combination of loops as they so wished. We only use a small percentage of these trails today in our present system< namely: Nine Mile East, Nine Mile North, Rio, and the Forty Four. As time progressed  the trails expanded closer to Nepisiguit Falls where the Bathurst Fish and Game Ass. had built a lodge which is currently the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. Then it progressed into Bathurst to the Atlantic Host Motor Inn.  Then the trail system blew up into the Chaleur area ( we were all one club back then) and down to the Miramichi to the Belfont area where there was a thriving club house.

Of course everything was dependent on the volunteer. Some of the founders were Howard Doucet , Bud Kenny, John Labonville  and there were a few more, plus loads of volunteers.  

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.


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