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Tribute to Don Carey
(08:00 PM, May 14, 2018)

The community of Nepisiguit Falls lost one of its promenent citizens this past weekend in the person of Don Carey. Although Don was not a snowmobiler, I felt compelled to honor him with a small tribute. Don was a great neighbor and always greeted you with a "how she goin". Don thought a lot of his Grand Kids and children as well. Our camp is just across the street and every morning you would see out with his dog Sheena by his side and his cat Ginger not far behind and if he would notice you, he would shout out a salutation from across the street,
He was a great story teller and he would captivate you with his tales of his younger years and if you had an ear for stories he could entertain you for hours as atteststed by his next door Nova Scotia neighbors Gary and Eilene and his newest neighbor Andre from PEI. Whatever Don was doing, it was never done at high speed. He took pride in what he did in his wonderful workshop and was always there if you needed a hand or was willing to loan whatever you needed to get job done, whether
it was the use of his shop or a tool you needed.
He had a great sense of humour and I always got a chuckle the way Don and his son Stephen would carry on teasing each other. He will be sorely missed by his sons and daughters as well as his grandchildren. It also goes without saying that the neighbors will miss this man as well. He is going to a better place and I'm sure Edith, of which he talked fondly of and sometimes would choke up a bit with the mention of her name, will be there to greet him.
 As Don would say every evening "see you in the morning"

Spring Watch
(06:00 AM, Apr 26, 2018)

Thursday, April 27th, Club #1       We had a good amount of melt days this week so far. Just checking the trails around Bathurst ie. along the high way near Atlantic Host, trail is still well intact, but surrounding snow is greatly diminished. This will give you an idea that trails up higher will be still good with the possibility of bare spots on the big roads like Piston Alley. Places with tree cover will be still good. 
      Since April 15th, we have been working at checking and overhauling certain parts of the groomers getting them snow ready for next season. We’ve been also attending NBFSC meetings such as the Zone 5 and the Club #1 interview. We also have the NBFSC AGM meet in the Miramichi on May 6th. 

Closing Message
(05:45 AM, Apr 16, 2018)

Monday, April 16th, Club #1 Closing Message       On behalf of the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club #1 I first want to thank all our members who signed up with the club this year plus all those who rode our trails this past season. As far as the season went, we had the busiest season on record. With barely no down days due to sloppy weather. We want to acknowledge all of our sponsors, without them it would be impossible to put a product out there for you snowmobilers. Lastly we want to thank Joan, Charlene, Jesse, Mitchel, & Travis at the lodge plus Pat who had to leave us due to moving elsewhere. To Ron Scott who stepped into my role (I did stay on for this year to help in the transition) to look after the trail system and did a lot of grooming himself and the looking after of our operators; Michael, Josh, Leo, Melvin, & Billy, on the Groomers. 
     Our season started off with a bang with the groomers hitting the trails on Dec 15th after a few good snowfalls prior to the 15th. We had an above average year at the lodge and our Wednesday night suppers which were a good draw again this year. We don’t have a handle on membership numbers, but we should “hold our own”. We had great snow most of the season and to look at what we have on April 16th , the conditions are still exceptional. If you look at how early we’ve had snow way back in November, it is truly unbelievable that we could see the same by the month of May. Just a few numbers for your info: over 2600 hours groomed and 22,000 Km of trail groomed this year. Both are records for our club and more than likely for the province. 
     Going forward the club is in decent shape and presently we’re working on both groomers getting them stored away. We are looking at replacing one of our groomers and we should have one on the snow for next season. We are not ruling out the possibility of adding a third groomer to the two we have in use at present. The club is also in need of new and more directors to ensure the longevity of the club. We don’t have problems with getting volunteers, but it is at the administrative end where numbers are lacking. I will be stepping back even further in my role with the grooming / trails with excess of over 18 years in that role. I will however stay on with the club in managing other aspects of the club. Surely out of the nearly 950 members we will have someone to step up. 
      In closing we would again like to thank all for your support for this past year and look forward to seeing you all back next year. Please stay posted as periodically we will have info to pass on. Have a great summer and remember Club #1 next year when registering. “BUY WHERE YOU RIDE” 

Trying to Clean up Before Next Nor'easter
(06:00 AM, Mar 12, 2018)

March 12th, Monday, Club#1      -1 at post. I'm not sure how the boys will make out on the trails with the temps still at zero at 1 AM this morning. Mickey and Josh both got on the trails just after midnight. The #1 is on a 17 hour run to Serpentine from Rogers Lake on Trail 23 and the #2 is on a similar run from East Bathurst up to Nine Mile Shelter and eventually to the Atlantic Host. We're trying to get the trails back from the 40 cm of heavy snow from last Thursday with the anticipation of an upgraded storm of 30 cm for Tuesday and Wednesday.
    There is a real problem occuring now with all this snow and mild temperatures in that there is a lot of melting taking place under the existing trail bed and the more insulation of more snow snd no "set-up" time after grooming. You are going to see more sink holes occurring as a result. This wouldn't happen on established roads but on trails that go through old logging trails that are not maintained as roads in the off season. There is a "ton" of snow in the Bathurst area but all this snow does not make for great conditions on the trails, contrary to what some people that may think that way. Clubs are stuggling in that respect.
   If you look at the next 14 day forecast, show me one day where you can see consistant grooming temperatures below zero degrees celcius. This is more like spring riding with snow conditions that are hard to cope with. It is what it is and sledders can complain all they want, but there is not much you can do about it except try and do our best.

Don't panic with the rain
(07:00 AM, Feb 5, 2018)

Monday, Feb 5th, Club #1      +temps today with some rain. Don’t panic and don’t worry; this will not hurt us any. We need a little moisture to tighten up the trail surface. Temps should drop tonight, so we’re going to take a little breather and start on the trails tomorrow. In the meantime we have a little TLC work to be done on the #2 and we should have that cleared up by the end of the day.
      I want to take a little time today to tell you how great our members are in there support and understanding in knowing what it takes to get our system like it is. We thank you for your tremendous support to our club and lodge and of course your generosity. We have tremendous support from our corporate sponsors, whether it be in your donations, web advertising, signage ads, repairs resources and our Wednesday Night Suppers. To all of you; THANK YOU. All monies raised go right back into our trail system, whether it be grooming, signage, trail maintenance (year around) and repairs. Our budget is just around half million and it takes everything to keep things going, so the next time you stop at the lodge for something to eat or fuel up that money is well spent. 

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile  club #1, which is the oldest snowmobile club in the province, has the largest membership in New Brunswick with 949 registered last season (826 for 15/16),  (849 for 14/15), (794 for 13/14), (809 for 12/14), (765 for 11/12), (579 for 07/08) with a strong Nova Scotia and PEI contingent and maintains a trail system about 400 Kilometers in length. The club started in 69/70 with one small groomer with membership fees of $10 and groomed  about 175 Km in the area between Brunswick Mines (Old Theriault Rd), Highway 430 (Nine Mile East Rd), and the now Caribou Mines.

Trails were designated and signed by such names as Caribou, Bear, Fox, Rabbit and Beaver. Log shelters were built along the trails and were also designated with animal names. One unique feature at the beginning was that all traffic was in one direction. It made for safer trails as the drags were only so wide. The trails were made in a series of 5 loops and one could vary their trip in any combination of loops as they so wished. We only use a small percentage of these trails today in our present system< namely: Nine Mile East, Nine Mile North, Rio, and the Forty Four. As time progressed  the trails expanded closer to Nepisiguit Falls where the Bathurst Fish and Game Ass. had built a lodge which is currently the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. Then it progressed into Bathurst to the Atlantic Host Motor Inn.  Then the trail system blew up into the Chaleur area ( we were all one club back then) and down to the Miramichi to the Belfont area where there was a thriving club house.

Of course everything was dependent on the volunteer. Some of the founders were Howard Doucet , Bud Kenny, John Labonville  and there were a few more, plus loads of volunteers.  

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.


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